Gilddock Bay

Gilddock Bay

Continent: Argonessen

Booming Port Town – 2,000 souls


Gilddock Bay has two main incarnations: Pre-war, and Post-war, with the latter being current.


Notable people and business:

Inner city and outer city guarded by the Captain of the Watch Gavin Ward, although the inner city was taken care of primarily, at Mel’s request, by the royal guard of the Royal Mathias Trade Guild.

History of the Town:

Before the Chromatic War, Gilddock Bay was a rather small port town, responsible for relatively little except connecting Draconia to the other capital cities for goods not important enough to send via skyship or Arch.

The city focused primarily on aiding those who wished to remove themselves from the mainland for whatever reason, and in so doing made a nice place for adventurers to base their escapades from.

In this time, Gilddock Bay was overseen by the great Baroness Mel, who from her oak mansion coordinated all of the trade within and in relation to the city, as well as kept tabs on the growing underbelly the city was fostering. With her trusted lieutenant Gavin Ward maintaining the city guard, Mel helped see the city into continual growth.

As time drew on, new people continued to arrive, and the Gilddock Bay Thieves’ Guild continued to grow with their presence, forcing Mel to call for their capture. One such adventurer would heed that call, and burn down the Mayor’s abode, and replace Mel with Max Sujet as the mayor of the city.


Notable people and business:

Post war history:
Gilddock after the Chromatic War has seen a dramatic shift in the types of business it conducts.

With the adoption of Master Morovin Breaun, along with the Certus Courier Company (CCC), Gilddock now holds a royal warrant and a royal distributer to obtain large deposits of iron and other metals without fear of retribution, and to ship them across the Sea of Swords to the ports that wait on the other side. This alone brought considerable wealth, along with a pair of mining companies to the forefront – the Dervaine and the Worpuses. With their arrival, many businesses had a very serious market to cater to, from armor and weapon forging, to tinkering the best mining tools available, and all businesses were able to rake in profits.

With Draconia having fallen, the threat of draconian boarder patrols stopping infringement of iron became a non-issue, and Breaun began taking full advantage of this fact.

Tourism also began to boom, as those interested in taking tours of ‘safe’ draconian landmarks became more and more common as the threat of danger subsided within the world. Many also came to see what the ‘wild west’ looked like, and how the great mining boom was going. With these people came many new vendors, like Teller and his magic shows.

As crime began to again resurface within the city, Master Breaun took a hard edge to stop crime in its tracks, cracking down on the local underbelly of the city, and installing more guards and stricter trading procedures, going so far as to screen those entering the city.

Gilddock Bay

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