Cult of the Dragon

Cult Structure

Cultists and Cult Fanatics: The smallest of the factional assets, these low level fighters and spellcasters make up the majority of the Cult. These initiates hold no rank.

Dragonclaw (first rank)
Dragonwing (second rank)
Dragonfang (third rank)
Dragonsoul (fourth rank)

Wearer of Purple: These are the commanders and generals of the Cult, providing orders to all initiates and ranked members. Only a Wearer of Purple can promote and demote. Their word is law within the Cult. There are a few dozen of these members spread throughout the continent of Fae-run.

Wyrmspeakers: These five Wearers of Purple are the inner circle of the Cult, with one wyrmspeaker to one subtype of chromatic dragon. Only a Wyrmspeaker can promote a Dragonsoul to a Wearer of Purple. Known Wyrmspeakers are Severin the Red, Rezmir the Black, and Varram the White.

Cult Assets

  • Cult Forces (above)
  • Dragon Masks
  • Draakhorn
  • A Sect of Red Mages led by [[:rath-modar | Rath Modar
    ]] * Most the wealth in Faerun
  • Chromatic Dragons by the score
  • Infernal forces (From Zariel)

General Facts
A group of those devoted to death, destruction, and the worship of dragons.

The cult is gathering many forces within the Well of Dragons, a heavily fortified location that is still being scouted by agents (that survive the trip).

The cult is seeking the restoration of Tiamat to the Prime Material Plane, and will do so through a potent ritual.

Ancient Dragon Masks seem to be incredibly important in this ritual.

The Draakhorn seems to be being used to summon chromatic dragons to the cause.

Massive amounts of treasure is being collected by the Cult, transported to the Well of Dragons.

Cult of the Dragon

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