Dwarven Fighter/Rogue


As Dwarves go; Branken appears to be young, no more than mid to late twenty’s. Branken is a mountain dwarf from the Verwall Mountian Range, however he does not have the traditional grey skin of a mountain dwarf but, has red tones very similar to hill a dwarf, and will get offended when people confuse him as an, ignorant hill dwarf. He always wears a traveling cloak usually gray, if you watch you can see a twinkle of his Mithral armor occasionally peak out from a sleeve or open neck line. Always near his right hand you will find his war hammer hooked firmly on a wide ornate belt, to the left of the belt is a jeweled dagger. Just like all dwarfs he is very proud of his beard, he has his main beard pulled together with an ornate gold chain set with a large ruby in the center, each side of his mustache is grown down as long as his beard, each side also wrapped in an ornate golden clasp. occasionally you can glimpse other gems hidden deep with in his beard.

Founder of Dragon Monument City.

Branken, will share tall tales of his adventures over a pint with nearly anyone, but when questions of home or talk of family come up, one finds the subject gets changed, and not always subtlety either, but in most instances he has simply vanished and is not at the table any more. One of his Favorite tales; Happened very early in his adventuring days while fighting an angry spirit. Branken found nearly all of his party were but a swing away from death, in and effort to get back in the fight he grabbed the clerics back pack, knowing they had just found 3 potions, drinking a health potion would be just the thing! Branken grabbed a perfectly clear potion, that he assumed was a “potion of health”, it wasn’t. To Branken nothing had happened, so he grabbed another potion this one was grey and black and looked like liquid rock, but just like the first nothing seemed to happen!?! Well there was still a third potion, the 3rd was milky white, but that did not really describe it either it actually looked more like liquid fog, so down it went, this time something happened!! but not what he expected he felt as if he was flying, but he could no longer see himself, but that wasn’t just it! Branken did not feel…. In fact he could not feel, it was as if he was just like the ghost they had been fighting, after a very confusing moment he realized he could see and hear but had no physical form. once he had realized that he had become…well nothing more than air. Branken quickly turned his attention back to the fight ready to help anyway he could. But as he turned to the fight, he saw the angry ghost scream and drop, the group began to call out for “Branken”, as they did so, Branken realized he could not talk, in fact he could not do anything at all to let them know he was there and safe, the party seemed confused at his disappearance until Claremore, a human cleric, noticed his backpack opened and 3 empty potion bottles on the ground. It then became evident what had happened, Tucky, a human Monk asked what potions he had drank and the cleric replied I don’t know those are the potions we just found in the other room. Not knowing what had happened to Branken or even what to do, the party went on to dress their wounds, and do some healing. Branken soon realized they were going to stay there a while, so Branken decided since he could not be hit or seen, or heard, he would go on ahead so he could at least warn the group what was ahead… well if he ever got back to normal anyway. after running ahead at a quick pace… well more of a fast breeze, he found several bad guys along with several large and hidden treasure chests, in this new form Branken found that having no body made it very easy to look behind walls, if fact he already knew what was in the treasure chests!! so after being gone, about an hour, he decided to go back and maybe figure out how to contact the party. nearly another hour went by while he was just floating above the party when Tucky yelled look it’s another ghost, Branken jumped up, well floated up, as it were, turning around looking for the ghost, just then a sword, and arrows flew through him. Branken now excited realizing they could see him he floated down, trying to talk and communicate with the group, the reply of another sword being swung through him which was immediately followed by a staff the crackled with lightning. Just as the staff made its way by Branken the Clarmore yelled STOP! that looks like Branken. Clarmore began trying to communicate but being now completely visible and Clarmore not very good at reading lips, It took another hour before I was back to normal…well at least my new normal. Branken has been heard to say he was never the same after that day but always seemed to change the subject before an answer was given. Branken has shared his strong distrust of barbarians, and when I say distrust it seems to be more of a great strain as he struggles to not pull his hammer out and kill any barbarian nearby, on more than one occasion while walking through strange towns I have seen his hammer come out as a barbarian walks into view or comes around a corner unexpectedly. This all came from and adventure about 6 months after he had found his greatest treasure a Dwarven Thrower, after running with the Claremore and a barbarian named Duargg, who seemed like he would be able to help with the latest task, this time saving some missing kings family. Three days into the journey it became clear that Duargg had a strong fear of magic, on several occasions, he had picked up obviously magical items and broke them. after a long drawn out fight with a large group of orcs and a troll, we began to move again by now we were very deep within the mountain and were crossing a very old rope bridge to get across a ravine that was at least 500 feet deep, Duargg the barbarian grabbed Branken’s hammer and threw it into the ravine. Branken would have killed him on the spot if he would have had another weapon that was not buried in his pack. Branken stayed behind for several hours trying to use a rope a climb down to get the thrower but at not having enough rope and the ravine being so deep he could not do it by himself, and the rest of the group wanted to get the reward from the king so they pushed on, If Branken ever sees that Barbarian again he will die on the spot. In fact, Branken is still so angry, that even after the last 3 years and 45 days, he will still ask in every town he comes to if anyone has seen or heard of Duargg, Branken will hunt him down as soon as he receives any word of Duargg’s whereabouts. dwarfs have long memories even longer when a grudge is being held. After amassing a large fortune adventuring Claremore and Branken, decided to build a keep, this would give them a great place to store items and have a home base to work from. (including all the gold and magic items they could not carry, as of this writing together, Claremore and Branken had 100,000 gold stored along with about 20 Magic swords along with several magic staffs and extra potions, Branken also had a large stash of gems) It was during the time of building Grey stone keep that Branken met and actually hired Garzan Giggledrop to monitor and protect the northern boarders of Graystone, in turn Branken and Claremore would help protect the gnome homeland. During the year Gray Stone was being built Branken and Claremore cleared surrounding forests and flat land with help from the Gnomes. Another year of adventuring came and went, Branken came home to find Garzan Giggledrop’s family had a family heirloom stolen. (a green stone, with some magical powers) Branken did some more investigating and found a thief had come through the area and not only stole the stone but had stolen gold from many of the gnomes. Garzan, made it clear to branken that he completely trusts Branken but this had to be handled by a family member as a matter of honor,(Branken felt there was more to it than just honor), Garzan sent his youngest daughter to help. Branken and the young Giggledrop set out with a couple clues to find the thief who was heading south. Only 2 days into the trip we were abducted and found ourselves in the fey wild!!


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