Continent: Fae-Run

Large Port Town


Notable people and business:
Based on what the party knows:

The entire town is split into many different districts. The Ascendant district, the Ivy district, Eastgate, Westgate, the Coins, The Docks, the Puddles being the primary places of interests.

The city of Whitestone is now an active city under the banner of Wavemeet as well.

Wavemeet Royalty:

Each of the districts is overseen by a distinct noble, all of whom are overseen by the Masked Lords, a council of unnamed individuals who are otherwise average(-ish) citizens of Wavemeet. The reigning ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of Wavemeet serves a primarily ceremonial and figurehead role, but does have input on dealing within the cities affairs, subject of course to the Masked Lords.

The Lords and Ladies are:


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