The Shack

The shack is a building in the Coins district in Wavemeet, owned by Branken. This two story building is currently under construction. Once a thieves’ den, it has since been bought by a local Lady and sold as a new property.

The trap door to the downstairs is secured by an Arcane Lock.
The front door is secured by Arcane Lock.
The windows are secured by Arcane Lock.
Aur’s door is secured by Arcane Lock.
The dungeon is secured by Arcane Lock.
The sewer enterance is secured by Arcane Lock.
The steel and wood door to the sewer enterance has a 6th level fireball attached to any who for it open (excluding the party). A major image covers the wall, making it look, sound, smell, and radiate damp like any other wall.

The steel wooden door to the Lab is covered in another major image to appear as just a wall. The door is arcane locked, with Aur being the only one with access.

The two stone doors to the well are arcane locked, with the party being immune.

The front door has two glyphs of warding, one to put a person into the dungeon when the door is forced, and another to trigger a 6th level fireball when dispell magic is cast (party exluded).

Not displayed are two secret passages, one in the kitchen activated by a foot pedal underneath the wood fire stove. This passage leads to the sewers.

The other secret passage is inside the vault area, and is simply a slide away wall that is very well blended. A single chest is inside, with a simple lock. Branken has the key.

The fireplace is guarded by another Glyph of Warding for any Fey,Fiend, Elemental, or Undead to trigger a 6 hour Magic Circle, holding them in place.

Outside appearance: image.jpeg

Main Floor:

Underground Floor:

Skippy: 6 gold a week (paid for the week).

Branken’s Coffers (lockbox in the basement, kitchen cabinet):

The Shack

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