Order of the Silver Hand


Order founded by Archpaladin Nah’Krinn, after the historic defeat of the Goddess Tiamat at the climax of the second Chromatic War.

Pulling many devout from that battle, the Order of the Silver Hand was founded to ensure calamities of this scale never again break out on the land, and to train those willing to be powerful keepers of peace.


The land above is on the borderlands of the Sword Coast lands and is defended by Sovereign Gho’dal in exchange for the fealty surrendered.

Power Structure:

Architectural Plans
via Neville Daxio

  • Palace/Temple: 50k and 400 days
  • Trading Post / Guildhalls / etc: 5k and 60 days
  • Outposts/Forts/More Barracks: 15k and 100 days.

Order of the Silver Hand

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