Greystone Keep

A respectable keep in the possession of Claremore the cleric, a longtime friend of Branken. On the continent of Myryst, far to the west, and not too far from the ranges Branken knew as a child, this keep now rests on the grounds of a small city of forest gnomes, of which Branken made friends with after removing monsters.

It has been some time since Branken last set foot in this keep, but it was known at the time of his leaving that there was considerable wealth in such a place.

The wealth included:

  • Close to 100,000 gp in various coins
  • Over 20 magically enchanted swords of various abilities
  • A collection of spare potions (approx 25)
  • A respectable but not unreasonable pile of gems in Branken’s name

Greystone Keep

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