Grein Iron


A small little city in the mountains and hometown of Brennok. Known for it’s iron mines and many trading opportunities, it is somewhat of a hub for traveling merchants.

Mainly inhabited by Half-Orc miners and traders, other races, while not rare, are less common. The only worry other races may have of the Half-Orc inhabitants are the bullies who may try to test newcomers as the vast majority of citizens welcome the outside world.

The east of the city is covered by the homes of Grein Irons general inhabitants while the north west is home to the higher class and town leaders with the Town Hall sitting right between the two. The center of the town is often filled with the stalls of traveling merchants with the local town shops circling around. Five buildings in the center of the stalls act as sleeping quarters for said merchants. To the south east is Grein Irons only tavern, The Shillelagh. A magnificent stone longhouse often filled to the brim with patrons.

The town is protected from most outside threats by a large stone wall made from bits of the rock mined from the mines to the west and east of the city with guard towers at every gate and unorthodox, but effectively trained heavily armed guards patrolling the city to dissuade any would be thieves.

Town Leaders
Faluuk Mutaff: Captain of the city guard. Dark black cropped hair and a scarred face. A no nonsense Half-Orc that cares only for the safety of Grein Iron and its inhabitants. He’s often the one who chooses the punishment of those who commit a crime, but has been known to be reasonable.
Oret Eternod: The Half-Orc elder. A frail looking old man with a long beard and pony tail. While most consider him wise, he does hold a small grudge for other races, but does know that he must work with them to thrive.
Vulrok: Owner of the largest iron mining and trading operation in Grein Iron. Handles most of the ins and outs of trading such as assigning people to stalls and keeping the market fair.
Shop Owners
Alfot Ham-Fist: The local blacksmith. A stout middle aged Half-Orc of average height, balding with a top knot, and large heavily calloused hands from constant work. Can be a bit eccentric with plenty ideas about what he wants to make. Also has an apprentice. Carter, a human teenager who, although is a natural, is awkward with social interactions.

Wavo: Alchemist. An older Half-Orc female with long silver hair and gaunt face. Has a taste for finer things and often smokes a pipe while working. Speaks slow with a rather low voice that could seem to people that she’s half asleep most of the time.

Zarati: Owner of the general trader. Younger Halfling with a long handlebar mustache and slicked back blonde hair. Will always try to push a sale on people with friendly, almost painfully so, enthusiasm.

Various Citizens
Dalfo Eternod: Young adult Half-Orc with light brown, swept back, shoulder length hair and a single gold tooth. Orets grandson and leader of a small group of bullies who like to terrorize newcomers. Generally too timid to fight, but brave enough to taunt as long as he thinks they can get away with it.
Maeve: Middle aged Orc-Elf and owner of The Shillelagh. Long dark orange hair, dark grey skin and speaks with a Irish accent. Rowdy, but friendly. Can often be seen hopping across tables, playing her accordian, and singing to entertain patrons.

Grein Iron

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