Council of Wavemeet

The council of Wavemeet, ordered by Sovereign Gho’dal to prevent the rise of the Cult of the Dragon, is a significant meeting of various individuals.

Agents of the Harpers:

  • Remi Haventree
    • Ideals: Freedom, Respect (“Our failure would spell an end to all beautiful and honest things”).
    • Interaction Traits: Honest, Friendly
    • Pledged Resources: The Harper agents, including those spies and magic users they have to command.

Agents of the Emerald Enclave:

  • Delaan Winterhound
    • Ideals: Balance, Life (“In all good hearts is a spot of darkness, and in all tregedy there is a glimmer of light.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Quiet
    • Pledged Resources: Druids, treants, and good- and neutral- aligned lycanthropes

Agents of the Order of the Gauntlet:

  • Petlannan Silentread
    • Ideals: Responsibility, the Greater Good (“The strong must defend the weak, whatever the cost.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Friendly, hot-tempered
    • Pledged Resources: A legion of devout paladins and clerics of a variety of faiths

Agents of the Lords’ Alliance:

  • Lord Dagult Neverember, Leader of the Lords’ Alliance and Wavemeet Lord.
    • Ideals: Moderation, Responsibility (“The commoners need strong leader to protect them – and to do what must be done even when it is distasteful.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Honest
    • Pledged Resources: Wavemeet’s troops and mercenaries, as well as the trusted from the White Swords
  • Lady Laeral Silverhand, Whitestone Noble and one of the Seven Sisters *
    • Ideals: Creativity and Respect (“We cannot stop what we do not understand.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Quiet, Curious
    • Pledged Resources: Whitestone’s troops and mercenaries
  • Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil, King of the Mithril Hall and Agent of the Citadels Felbarr and Adbar
    • Ideals: Honor, Repect (“A sturdy axe, a strong hand to hold it, and a stright fight are all we dwarves need to end this little problem.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Hot tempered, suspicious
    • Pledged Resources: Dwarf soldiers, and dwarf-forged armaments and siege weapons
  • Marshall Ulder Ravengard, Marshall of Durnatel’s Army and General to Tyric Gho’dal
    • Ideals: Responsibility, Glory (“I am trusted with protecting thousands of lives, and I will not betray that trust no matter what my personal desires.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Honest
    • Pledged Resources: Durnatel’s Flaming Fist elite, and expert advisers to train and marshal conscript troops.
  • King Malandrach, King of the Misty Forest and Ambassador for the High Forest
    • Ideals: Balance, Nation (“We elves were once the greatest civilization to grace Fae-run, and my people are heir to that history. I will not squander our waning strength.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Quiet, Arrogant
    • Pledged Resources: Elven magicians and Eldritch Knights
  • Taern “Thunderspells” Hornblade, Delegate to the Sequestered City of Silverymoon
    • Ideals: Logic, the Greater Good (“Calculated risks are necessary to win this war, and no one is likely to emerge unscathed.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Ponderous, Curious
    • Pledged Resources: The army of Silverymoon (The Knights in Silver), conscript troops, and many long retreated wizards


  • * Rian Nightshade, Adviser to Lord Neverember*
    • Ideals: Logic, Greed (“I’m certain we can come to an agreement that all parties will faco. But if not, we have other means of settling the issue.”)
    • Interaction Traits: Polite, mercantile, ruthless
    • Pledged Resources: Assassins and mercenaries (probably)
  • Sony Tark, Bard Extraordinaire
    • Ideals: Legacy, Glory (“There is a story out there. I’ll be a part of it, and through it I’ll carry on. Oh, by the way, who wants to hear about the time that I….”)
    • Interaction Traits: Loud, (Mostly) Honest, Enthusiastic
    • __ Pledged Resources:__ ???

Council of Wavemeet

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