Character Building Suggestions Tips

General Tips:

  • Embrace your flaws! Bad stats, non-optimum spell choices, “hindering” flaws make a character unique!
  • Find the differences between yourself and your character. Embrace those differences while roleplaying, as that is what will help bring that character to life.
  • When creating a backstory — please only say what your character knows or has seen. You know only what your character knows.
    • Example: A Warlock who makes a pact with a “mysterious” patron they have never seen or read about before should not tell the DM that the patron is secretly a cosmic evil waiting to invade the realms.
    • Note: If there are points like this, I’ll gladly work with you to tweak or reconcile them. Or, more maliciously, not tell you and then later plunge you into fear of the unknown when details turn out differently >:D
  • Being a cliche is fine (and fun)! In fact, almost every character is a cliche. Even those that purposefully play the worlds most average joe (a 42 year old castle guard who has never seen battle outside of his training, who has a loving wife, three children, and a modest abode) is a cliche now.

Can I make a tweak or reflavor to…

  • Almost certainly, in some regard.
    • Ex: Like the Fiend pact, but hate devils? Why not an Efreeti, Elder Fire Elemental, Ancient Red Dragon, Arch-Angel of some Fire or war based Deity?

Valid Sources:

  • Any race or class found within the (5E) Players Handbook, the Elemental Evil Player’s Supplement, the Sword Coast Adventure Guide, the Volo’s Guide to Monsters, as well as the DM’s Guild Blood Hunter (by Matt Mercer), the DM’s Guild College of the Maestro (by Matt Mercer).

Possible Sources by DM Approval

  • Any race or class in the DM’s Guide (old Aasimar, Eladrin, death cleric, fallen paladin)
  • Any race or class within the Unearthed Arcana presented by Wizards of the Coast (DnD).
  • Your very own idea / tweak! (Talk to the DM soon and often for this)

Character Building Suggestions Tips

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