Active Quests

Main Quests
* Go to Xonothal’s Tower and reclaim the Blue Dragon Mask from a defecting cultist

  • Gather an army and impress the Council of Wavemeet
  • Slow the Cultists
    ** Break their trade holds
    ** Steal Dragon Masks
    ** Liberate towns
    • Free hostages
    • Eliminate Wyrmspeakers / Wearers of Purple
  • Stop Tiamat from rising from the Nine Hells

Other General Quests

  • Seek out the horde of Araunthator before it is pilfered (Ice toads will have some info)
    * Free the town of Triboar from Maeora Flipple, the Enchantress and Wearer of Purple
  • Rid Wavemeet of any Syndicate Forces or cultist spies
  • Rid Wavemeet of the Band of the Rot King for Lord Blackstrand
  • Continue to root out the Syndicate across the land
  • Discover what the doppleganger, Drenomere, and other strange folks are up to

Active Quests

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