A Day in Gildock, pt. II
Shopping, Aur nabbing, Kitten saving, Rumor making, and more

The party all began the day within Gildock, Branken sleeping outside the border, arriving shortly within town.

The adventurers first began with a kindly conversation with Lee, Alister, and the group of monks that Alister had with him. He spoke of Wavemeet across the sea, and the need for him to return to start sorting things out. He was hoping to meet back up with the White Swords, he spoke that while Sovereign Tyric Gho’dal was keeping the populus docile, there seemed to be something deeper running throughout the lands to the East. He also mentioned gathering his ‘old friends’ to reform the guild that seemed to be needed to be remade again. Alister was also talking with Ambrosius Goldenloin, before Ambrosius and his group departed.

The Guild of the Golden Order, specifically Ravena, spoke to Brennok, telling him that the Guild was being recalled back to the home base in Wavemeet, and that there was much work to be done for adventurers abroad, offering him a the papers needed and a place aboard the ship, to which Brennock declined. Ravena left, asking once more whether Brennok would pay for drinks in the future.

Cain made his way out searching, in vain, for another Tinker within town, picked up his mask, and followed Nah’Krinn out of town.

Brennok, after talking with Ravena and her guild, made his way through town to pick up a set of javelins, and to find some work. After searching and re-discovering the work board, Brennok made his way through the postings for information about crime throughout the city to find a small posting written on a rough piece of paper in charcoal reading “Hero wanted: Tibblz is misin. Will give 2 when hes found”. Shouting through the town with this ad in hand, Brennok came across 5 young children who he had seen many weeks ago. A young boy by the name of Sidney came forth, and through the rest of the day, including a panther fight, Brennok guiding the children outside of Gilddock, with the children climbing all over him. Unfortunately with Tibblz dead, Brennok found a new companion for Sidney, and disposed of the other in the Red Leprechaun Inn fireplace, to the heavy chagrin of the entire room. Brennok ended his day by winning a drinking contest with two of the general city guard.

Nah’Krinn began his day with a cold start, realizing his glaive no longer offered him complete protection from the cold fury imbued within it. Taking time to be introspective about why this might be, Nah’Krinn was intercepted by a number of priests from the local Temple of Bahamut, who after leading him to the temple on the outside portion of the inner city, mentioned that the Grand Vizer had a vision. Although murky, as often these things are, thy mentioned that trouble, Chromatic War style trouble, was brewing to the main continent to the east, and the priests called upon Nah’krinn to continue his path of Vengeance once again. Troubled, Nah’Krinn made his way to the Fighter’s Guild on the outside of town, under the watch of Varian Riselk and a friendly dwarf, and he sparred for the majority of the day.

Branken’s day started witha failed trip to Flumzusea’s shop, after a quick order fro two basic cloack from the local shop. Flumzusea’s store was closed, and no one seemed to draw near the place. Making his way instead to the Gilded Gumbo, Auntie Verna confirmed that many of the guild had packed up or have gone missing, confirming Max Sujet being one of those. She aided in determining his course of action, and lent him a disguise kit. Sowing rumors throughout the city disguised as an older dwarf, Branken quickly learned of the capture of Flumzusea, as well as some strange behavior being displayed by the Worpuses. He finally made his way to Teller’s, met a quite assistant, and collected a number of potions, along with the dust of tracelessness.

Aur’s day began simple enough, with a trip around town to gather the materials needed for a find familiar spell, before he found himself at Teller’s in the hope of using his Gem of Truesight. Chatting for a bit about Aur’s home plane, Teller agreed to help, but not before sending a scroll away. With the gem, Aur cast a spell to allow him to read languages, but was still unable to extract information from the book he collected. Thanking Teller, Aur attempted to make his way out of the shop. Leaving the storeroom and entering the main lounge area, Aur was confronted with three guards from the CCC, asking him to travel along. Teller, providing an illusion, the guards led Aur to the inner quarter of the city, inside a massive granite mansion, down two flight of stairs, and into a lavishly furnished cell, two across from none other than Flumzusea. There the guards left Aur to wait. Two hours along, an impressive and large human being strode into the room wearing finely detailed leather and iron armor, flanked by two other guards. This human had tanned skin, a little bit of a 5’oclock shadow, a magnificent blue sapphire around his neck, and help an air of considerable importance. This man informed Aur that the Master would see him in the morning, and that he regrets holding Aur in such an indignified way. Offering food, the man and the guards left. In the morning, Morovin Breaun did attend, telling Aur of his relationship with Eaf, and his duty to guard Aur from physical harm, pointing out the dangerousness of the adventurer’s he was spending time with. Aur, asking if Breaun could return him to the plane of air, the Master agreed, unlocking the room, and guiding Aur into a small study a floor above, with guards and other patrons mingling about. The Master grabbed a hold of Aur, and with Aur’s willing, transported the pair to the Plane of Air. Quickly finding his old home, and a number of nightmarish scnese of his father’s death, the world around him seeming not to be what it really seems, the story has yet to be told….

So guys, that was a short session, but I think we all have a much clearer idea of what we hope to accomplish next go around. Next week I need off, and you all mentioned needing the week after, so in three weeks time, I look forward to seeing what will happen next!

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To Wavemeet!
Accounting and Actuaries!

The party, minus Aur who was floating about in the Plane of Air, continued a general day of walking Gilddock, prepping for thier voyage across the sea of swords to Wavemeet.

Cain and Nah’Krinn went to the Fighters Guild to burn some nervous energy and frustration, in addition to the time they had.

Branken went about sowing his last few rumors, and spying for Verna. In a concentrated effort, Branken did some exploring within the city to get an idea of where Aur might have gone. At night, he narrowly dodges a group of Worpus no goods, and bumped right into little old Verna, who offered a deal of assistance with spreading the Guild in exchange for freeing Aur. A contact by the name of Edge was dropped, along with the myth of a city of spies, living out the lives of ordinary people.

Aur escaped the plane of air with the help of Master Morovin Breaun, who asked a few questions after Aur came to. Breaun told Aur that he had to let him leave, against what Eaf would have wanted, but to let him know whenever he needed help. Breaun also made sure to alert Aur to the dangers of the party. Flumzusea and Aur both stepped outside the granite walls, as half Orcs and a tiefling were escorted away.

Cain received his firearm, and Orryn requested that for the two solid days he put in if Cain could put a good word into the Clockworks across the sea for him.

Together again, the group made some financial exchanges, and boarded a CCC passenger vessel called The Shrew. Making for Wavemeet in four days time. Encountering only a single storm over the course of that time, about half the party experience nightmares related to the storm and terrible weather rocking the boat.

The party arrive in Wavemeet the following day, with the Shrew gliding path through the massive stone teeth that act as wave breakers to the bay. A multitude of ships exist here, along with the largest mechanical crane in known existence, affectionately called the Beast.

Meandering into Wavemeet, the party quickly stop by the most important shops — the magic shop, and the bank, both located in The Coins, a subsection of Wavemeet.

Agrumpy older half Orc (big guy voice) with a light grey imp (Russian ish big guy accent), is eager to create magic items by entreating his patron, but was otherwise ignored by the majority of the group due to his high costs. He muttered his anger with the alchemists across the street.

The alchemist across the street are new age magicians, able to convert powerful magic items into new forms, at a nominal fee of a percentage of the energy involved. While a limit exists with the equipment available, the alchemists nevertheless bring magic to the vast majority of people.

Branken investigated many things, namely involved with real estate. Dala Silmerhelve, a duchess of importance within the city, and owner of lands within the city, provided the well dressed and well mannered Branken a tour of some of the cheaper places within the city, from a shack in the Coins, to a gentle house in the Eastgate portion of Wavemeet.

Brennok reclaimed his long lost bagpipes, and spent much of the day earning money and making friends related with the bagpipe, joining into a flute battle at the Sinister Squid inn in Eastgate.

Branken continued his real estate purchases, while Brennok went to get fancy clothes, after Nah’Krinn had a chat with old friend Leosin Erlanthar. Aur joined Brenock in his shopping.

Eventually, once the clock stuck 7 at midnight, the party was escorted to the Ascendant Quarter to meet with various movers and shakers.

What missions are being discussed? What adventures lay before them? Where is that circus that was discussed?! Find out next week!!

The Council and The Circus

A TON happened this run tonight.

Starting off from the short mini one-on-ones, Chimeras Bane continue to meet the first council. While Leosin is waiting to let the group chat with the the council, Brennok gets numb hands, Branken chats with Lords and Lady Norman, Semil, and Pharona, catching the view of one Rian Nightshade off in the corner. Nah’Krinn reminisces over his past with Leosin Erlanthar and how they first met, with Leosin breaking Nah’Krinn out of the cage, stunning enemies along the way for Nah’Krinn to finish off.

The rest of the party chills out in the waiting room where the nobles are all bickering and debating over things, even this late hour, which is odd for most other circumstances.

The party is eventually led to a smaller room by Leosin, with Rian following behind. Inside are 5 individuals, three at a twelve person table. In the center is Dagult Neverember, and to his aides wereRemallia Haventree and Lady Laureal Silverhand. In the back watching were two grey and blue robed clocked figures the Lord Neverember called Masked Lords.

Taking her seat next to Dagult, Rian Nightshade sat down. Introducing themselves, Remi as a Harper, Dagult and Lady Silverhand as members of the Lords’ Alliance, they said that they were waiting for the Guild of the Golden Order to arrive.

Once the goldenloins showed up, the meeting began. Dagult mentioned something about the rise of the Cult of the Dragon, the same cult responsible for the Chromatic War two years prior. With their potentially growing strength, a council was conceived and out into action byTyric Gho’dal, Sovereign Supreme of the western realm of Fae-Run. He turned the floor over to Lady Silverhand to see the honesty of the groups.

After confirming this, she let Remallia explain the nitty gritty. In short, the party needed to confirm the presence of assassins and cultists nearby the city, especially as a full council meeting would soon be happening. The Golden Order was in turn tasked with the protection of the incoming royals and members of various factions. The party was told contradicting stories of kill or taking alive, with Dagult providing the majority vote of kill – Remallia Haventree wanting there to be someone to interrogate, and Lady Silverhand very forceful in requiring death. The main objective was to gain information about the cultists activity, and to kill them all — and to ensure that none escaped. In the event of success, the party would go to a trusted farmer to disguise the bodies.

Agreeing upon this, the party made their way out to the shack. The party was introduced for the first time to the place, and all crashed for the night.

Day Two:

Waking up early the next day, everyone except Nah’Krinn (who slept on the floor) slipping out of bed and making their way to Brennok’s poor cooking and Branken’s acceptable food in the kitchen. Not much longer the party attempted to leave their basement, and Branken found that something was sitting atop the trapdoor. Skippy, eager to start his next day, jumped off to the side. A quick chat later left Skippy on a mission to deliver a note to Remallia Haventree to summon Alister, and the rest of the party (sans Nah’Krinn and Branken) making their way out of the gates to the north east, cutting through the Coins and the Eastgate districts. Nah’Krinn and Branken meanwhile were making their way to the White Swords in the Ivy District, to see what materials they could prep. Here Nah’Krinn supplied himself with a number of cantrips (Spare the Dying), for the upcoming adventure. Branken found his contract had been taken out by a party of three, two elven twins and a young man, all first time White Swords aspirants.

The party, regathering itself, stepped out of the massive and very well defended walls of Wavemeet for the very first time. The massive city suddenly having a much larger sense of scale and power seeing these walls and the strength of the guard around it. Ahead, they saw the well proclaimed Circus, and they went about their mission.

Aur took to the skies.

Cain took the the shadows of the circus.

Branken went to the housing and food areas of the circus.

Nah’Krinn and Brennok took to horseback to circle the circus, and then made their way alone into the forest.

After a time, Aur, Cain, and Branken were able to spot to varying degrees an individual in dark robes, a metal dragon pin, and wearing one of the Masquerade’s ridiculous looking dragon masks. This individual seemed to be on a mission, moving around the place with a set path, meeting various people along the way. Disappearing into the big top, followed by Cain, the mysterious entity made a round of the big top, nodding to two of what appeared to be agents. Branken, following him and his contacts, discovered a small box that was trapped. Inside was nothing of importance, suggesting perhaps that what was there might have been taken.

This group also saw many of the fantastic distractions and marvels of the circus, with Branken being taken into an oddities tent along with Dala Silmerhelve.

During this time, however, both Brennok and Nah’Krinn forged ahead to tackle the cultists alone. Brennok tripping a trap and becoming stuck in a wire chain cage, Nah’Krinn became besieged by three potent and capable assassins, dropping Nah’Krinn after a few rounds, but not before Nah’Krinn cast Hold Person on one and smite-d her to the ground.

Brennok, freeing himself while in a rage, went to his friend and provided aid, bringing Nah’Krinn back to his feet. Together, they managed to kill off one more assassin before the third escaped. Beyond a bit of gold, the found a note written in a thieve’s language. Nah’Krinn gathered the bodies together, and in the moment forgetting the plan, took the bodies into the city plain as day, interacted with the city guard, who took him to the royal guard.

From here, the bodies were taken elsewhere, while Nah’Krinn had a meeting with the sorceress Lady Laeral Silverhand where she asked about the encounter, took the piece of paper, and informed Nah’Krinn of what was a terrible foolish move on his and Brennok’s behalf. She then let him out to meet his party.

Scrambling to find where Nah’Krinn went, the party eventually found him in the castle. Deciding that they needed a small rest, they all went back to the shack for a rest. There they found Alister, having received Skippy’s note. Here he chatted with Branken to fix his ring, while downstairs Aur was investigating his note (and finding that it could speak back to him). Branken, now free from his ring in exchange of the debt Alister owed, the party took a rest. Brennok went looking for Ziza Raftmite, but found she was missing.

Upon rising again, the group performed a few more things in town before heading back to the circus. Here Brennok wrestled the dire bear Thorne for the Gnarrck Brothers (winning, of course), almost everyone came across the Caricaturist, and Brennok also got pulled aside to have a session with Oracle Calypso and her freaky, bug-eyed octopus.

Nah’Krinn and Brennok both met Thorne the gnarled looking animal handler, as they looked at the young Chimera in a cage. Thorne told them about the one he had to sell off (it was old, and the Masquerade needed the funds, and could no longer support the large diet of the large Chimera), and was disgusted to hear the story of how the party had killed the beast for show.

Though the party kept heavily armed (except the not-heavy arms of Aur, though Aur kept his "firearms’ loaded), and kept an eye out for more assassins, none could be found.

Retiring for the evening alongside the edges of the forest, all except Aur forgoing a night of sleep to keep an eye out, all noticed a man move a little ways from the circus, seemingly drop something, and then make his way back into the circus. Upon investigation, a symbol of a black inked dragon was inscribed on a parchment under a heavy rock.

The group, unsure what this could mean, finally made their way back into the city, noticing guards on edge, and fewer citizens making their way to the circus. Arrive one last time at the shack, the party again encountered Alister, who broke the news that the night previous there was an assassination of one of Wavemeet’s Masked Lords, the anonymous council members that govern the city. This lord, Arthagast Ulbrinter, was a mentor to Remi Haventree, the Harper ambassador to the council, and Alister warned the party that she may suggest irrational things during the meeting, and that they should try to help make rational those things she might suggest, but do not openly contradict her.

With this weight of failure on Chimera’s Banes’ shoulder, the party went back to sleep, recuperating from the night before, and with half a day to go before the full meeting of the Council of Wavemeet.

The First Council of Wavemeet
Persnickety Royalty and Sailing to the Sea of Moving Ice

In the mid afternoon, rising from their sleep, the party encountered a workforce tearing down bits of the shack, while others were carting it away, all as Branken had ordered. Keeping watch and guarding the place were
three adventurers (Islmore, Jeera, and the young boy Brennok had saved). Here too was Connor Reagent, imploring Branken to take him out on an adventure, with Branken politely declining. Visibly upset, but not allowing his voice to betray it, Conner continued his sales pitch, and made his way back to the northern Coins.

From here the group took their remaining half a day to explore further Wavemeet, making what little deals they could.

Aur continued his search Assassins of the Cult of the Dragon, with little progress, stumbling on a father dressed similarly, but likely not a cultist.

Brennok made his way to one of the shadiest spots even open on the holiday weekend and procured himself a bear tattoo.

Cain and Nah’Krinn tested themselves in a feat of strength with the Gnaarck brothers at the circus, declaring Cain the winner of the fight by a narrow margin.

Branken explored the underground tunnels, mapping them out. Other than a steep downhill decline in a few locations, and a few well hidden cubbies that previous thieves likely used to smuggle item, not much else was discovered with the tunnels alone. Branken continued to follow a shady individual searching for the local thieves guild. Following and gathering information to open the path into the guild, he found himself in a rather impressive hall of the Rot King. Walking to what was ostensibly the poison dealer, Branken quickly found that walking uninvited into a thieves’ guild was a dangerous proposition. The old hag interrogating him had his pockets turned out, questioned his loyalty, and while confirmed his at least surface level ability with the ways of a thief, nevertheless held heavy suspicion of his blatant arrival. She also cursed his words of the guild not ‘having a sign’, or any easy way of entry, considering this an affront, a sort of thieves guild buffet compared to the Rot Kings more classical approach to networked thieves. Branken escaped with his life, but a warning to not return to that portion of town, and Branken found that his Bag of Holding, now with a hole it it, no longer connected to the extra-dimensional space where his loot was…

The group returned again to the Shack, and awoke early for the Council meeting. Alister, dressed not in his usual purple vest and pantaloons, now in more formal Harper attire of silver and blue, guided the group to the castle in the stead of Leosin Erlanthar, hoping to calm their nerves, and provide some information. The Council would be made of many, many people, each with their own world views, needs, and personalities. The council would be looking for heroes, and the adventurers would be given a chance to be those heroes.

Entering the Council chambers, the group was met with a sight of 11 other people in a room that appeared open to the early morning sky. Ivy crawled the walls as a central pedestal stood as the center of discussion. Several smaller pedestals circled the room, containing wine and bits of food.

Present at the council was of course all those expected (see Council of Wavemeet), in addition to Dala Silmerhelve, the Noblelady of the Ascendant Quarter and aspiring realty magnate. The council began with all of the members eyeing the adventures, sizing them up, as Chimera’s Bane introduced themselves. King Brawnanvil, eyeing Branken, and Petlannan Silentread making prolonged eye contact with Brennok.

After their introduction, Dagult went one by one around the room, letting each other introduce themselves (see the Council of Wavemeet page for a brief into to each character — Try to get them down in your mind for the Second Council of Wavemeet), with the exception of Dala and Rian, who were skipped over – though the rest of the council didn’t mind.

Dagult then continued into the past affairs with the Cult of the Dragon, and the issues they had encountered. Two years ago, the Chromatic War was fought, with the forces of Tiamat attempting to bring her from the Nine Hells back into the Prime Material plane by way of a ritual. The main component of this ritual was a hoard of treasure the likes of which that would suit a Dragon Goddess. This took the form of Skyreach Castle, a floating fortress that was loaded up with the continent’s stolen wealth. This castle was destroyed in the war, setting the cultists back a ways, and ruined many smaller nations now without their wealth. So too did adventurers destroy a dragon hatchery, preventing the mass spawning of even more chromatic dragons. The Harpers, Emerald Enclave, and Dagult and Lady Silverhand were all upset for a variety of reasons, while the Order of the Gauntlet, Rian, Connerad, Melandrach, and the rest were quite pleased with the destruction for one reason or another.

Dagult discusses the structure of the cult, with many smaller tiers of cultists, but the purple robed Wearers of Purple helm the cult, making decisions and direction forces. The leaders of the Wearers of Purple are the five Wyrmspeakers, one each for the colors of the chromatic spectrum of dragon. The leader of the whole cult is the one of the Red, but some information is known about the White Wyrmspeaker — a dwarf seeking out a very valuable relic.

Dagult turns the speech over to Dala Silmerhelve, the Lady wearing emerald, who explains the Draakhorn, and that is has the power to call dragons. When asked of where she gained such information, she could not divulge her secret. She also explained that no person would know more about the Draakhorn than Maccath the Crimson, a female tiefling sorceress belonging to the Arcane Brotherhood. Dala also comments that Maccath hasn’t been heard of for three years, yet the last known location was in the Sea of Moving Ice to the north.

The party asked a few questions, and decided to seek out more information on the Draakhorn first. Lady Silverhand, the sorceress of the council, provided Aur the Sending Spell, along with the sending glyph for herself, Taern Hornblade (the old wizard), as well as Remi Haventree (the Harper agent).

The group left, and made preparations for their departure. Branken ensuring that Skippy was set for a while longer, gathered a few gems, and checked his affairs in order. Cain impressed upon the smithy to speed along his sword crafting, and the entire party bought winter gear and crampons and climbing gear for their trek out.

Dala Silmerhelve was present at the docks the following day, providing more information about Maccath (see your personal notes). The broad notes of her information included the fact that Maccath hadn’t reported to the Hosttower for more than three years, that she and her crew went missing in the Sea of Moving Ice (she was accompanied by many explorers) that scrying wouldn’t reveal more information, and that a powerful white Dragon named Araunthator was known to live in the area. She pointed to boat the Frostskimmr and its captain Half-Face, so named for the frostbite that had left his face scarred.

The crewed boarded the ship, and made sail north, for nearly a week. Along the way encountering a pair of giant octopi, a platoon of smaller scaled creatures that never surfaced the water, a polar bear chasing a Ice Hunter, a Ice Hunter fishing party, and finally the Iceberg known to the Ice Hunters as Oyaviggaton.

Late at night, the party ascended the ice stairs of the iceberg, into the village of the Ice Hunters. Stopped by a pair of Hunters, the party’s interpreter Luefstaph helped carry their messages back and forth. The Hunters sent for their shaman Bonecarver, and their leader Barking Seal. From here, they asked the party in no uncertain terms to leave the iceberg, although the party insisted. The Hunter leaders knew nothing of a tiefling, but Bonecarver spun a wild story of the Old White Death meeting its demise at the hand of Ice Giants years ago (this turned out to be questionable, however). Agitated, Barking Seal seemed to be thinking quickly, coming up with a honorable duel versus one of the party against thier best warrior, Orcaheart. Brennok agreeing, the party made their way to outskirts, to where they would fight.

Cain, seeing suspicious activity of Hunters sneaking into the main tent, the fight began. Brennok overwhelming Orcaheart, even with illegal aid from Bonecarver (stopped by a clear vision of Aur), eventually triumphing. The party, now having won the respect of the Hunters, were allowed to stay in the village, provided rotten fish by Bonecarver, that poisoned or not, caused serious ill to Brennok in the morning, rendering him unconscious.

The party, with clever use of invisibility and misdirection, snuck back into the city unheard, diving down the ice tunnel entrance in the main tent, plunging into the dark below.

The Crimson Connection
Finding Maccath and Defeating Araunthator

Chimera’s bane, still invisible thanks to Aur’s magic, and the concentration of Cain, snuck deeper within the iceberg of Oyaviggaton in the Sea of Moving Ice. Their mission, to find more about the Draakhorn, and recover it if possible. The person who might know anything about it, Maccath the Crimson, was known to be in the Sea of Moving Ice three years ago, before she went silent.

Descending the icy stairs, the group, led by Branken and Brennok (as they alone could see in the darkness), they wandered into many rooms, perfectly stealthily.

The avoided a coughing ice hunter, kobolds, ice trolls, and more. Though the ice below them was slippery and there were many slopes and hills, their crampon boots served them well.

Two treasure / trophy rooms were discovered, the first with treasure that the Dragon Araunthator grew angry when Branken disturbed it, and another filled with nearly a dozen Giants, (8 frost, two fire, a hill and a cloud).

The party found a kobold warren, another exit to the tunnels, and very intelligent ice toads, who seemed very busy cataloging everything they could find.

Continuing further, they stumbled into a wandering Maccath, who they followed to her hut.

There Branken followed her inside, still invisible, as Maccath spoke to the darkness, asking if Branken was there to save her or kill her. Upon the agreement to save her and her things, the kobold assistants bolted off to warn their god Araunthator, while the lurking invisible party stuck them and the guarding ice troll down.

Maccath told the party quite a bit about the Draakhorn, its appearance, its function, and where it vanished off to. She provided knowledge on Araunthator, as well as some of the draconic lore. She gave them an understanding of the lower areas of the iceberg, and told them of the rather friendly ice toads. She then provided aid in the form of two Arrows of Dragon-slaying, a Ring of Cold Resistance, as well as ten ‘temporary’ scrolls they could use to fight the Old White Death.

The party, readying themselves after a bout with more ice trolls, were guided to the lower portion of Oyaviggaton.

There they descended into the darkness. Walking and spreading out somewhat, Araunthator eventually made his presence known, using to his advantage mutliple times throughout the fight the party’s desire to stay grouped near their paladin and only source of light.

The fight continued for almost 24 seconds, before the great hunter decided to make his hasty departure. Soon, the party found his guards were upon them, no less than 5 more ice trolls.

Emboldened from their won battle versus the great dragon, the party annihilated the tolls without much pause.

They spent a good two hours melting what small portion of the treasure from the walls and floors, leaving a sizable chunk remaining. Not wishing to push their luck however, the party made their way out of the iceberg, with ice toads and sorceress in tow. Kobolds flinging themselves in a suicidal fit of mourning as they saw their god defeated in a battle, quickly met their end to the party’s swords and magics.

The trip back to Wavemeet was overall uneventful. As the week at sea ended, the group stepped off the boat in the mid afternoon. With the evening to discuss their findings, introduce the right people, and gather information (we’ll do this together next time), the party agrees that the next three days are downtime (I’ll work with each of you this week to hash this out).

A Brief Reprieve
3 Days in Wavemeet

The morning after returning to Wavemeet, the adventurers each have business they take care of.

Aur: After meeting with the various people upon arriving back in Wavemeet, Aur retired back to the Shack. In the morning, he shipped out to Darmok’s, bumping into Branken as he purchased inscribing inks and reagents, reviewing Darmok’s book of magical goodies he has seen over the course of his many years as a dungeon planner and creator.

Aur shortly thereafter, dropping his items into his room at the shack, departed to the ascendant quarter to speak with the Harpers, seeing if anyone had ever seen his race before, to which Remallia had disappointing news in that she has not, and that Aarakocra are very rare in the Prime Material Plane.

A little disappointing, but leaving with a promise to expand the Harper network to search for his people, Aur bumped into Cain before he departed on his own strange and urgent mission. They traded to Aur 10 sq’ of dragon hide, which Aur took to a green tiefling in the Ivy district, commissioning black dragon hide armor for 500 gp, requiring 20 days to craft. His purse a tiny bit lighter, he spent the noon hours resting at the shack before returning to Darmok to re-read the book and take some notes. Making plans for the following day, Aur retired to sleep.

On his second day, Aur traveled about the city making many purchases, even visiting with Drenomere the newly establish magic dealer in the city. He also arcane locked all of the Shack’s windows.

The third day consisted of commissioning a iron helmet for 75gp, taking about 3 days to fully create. He also met with a very,very tired Alister, with bags under his eyes, asking about where to find magical recipes, and was told that the place the group was to go to next would have a few items “if he asked nicely”.

Branken: unlisted

Brennok: Took a mission from the White Swords, investigating a stalker for a fish monger. He however walked right in on a murder scene. Alerting the guards, Brennok went to ensure the gold reward was returned to Derrick the fishmonger for his funeral.

HE went to chat with Ziza, although the interaction seemed to go poorly, with Ziza calling Alister an ‘Ugly’ gnome, and that she wanted nothing to do with him or his guild. On mentioning the Greater Good, Brennok seemed to reach to Ziza’s sensibilities, although the mention of the Harpers again brought her fury to the forefront, and she stormed off.

Instead Brennok went off to the ivy district center and chatted to Connor, an eager adventurer, about life.

Cain: Cain left quickly from the party, disappearing after receiving a letter from Alister. Cain mentioned briefly something about his own issue, and made preparations to leave. He did not follow the party on their next mission, instead leaving town later that very same day.

Cain was present at the shack when the party returned, having waited in town for many days. He was however oddly missing from the fight that would later take place in the woods against the Cult.

Nah’Krinn: Polished his armor, bought room things, started setting up a forge.

Capture of a Wyrmspeaker
And visiting the Tomb of Diderius

The group, finishing their chats with Lady Silverhand and Dagult Neverember, were made aware that two of the cults chieftest, Varram the White and Rezmir the Black were at large. Varram particular was search for a stolen artifact, the White Dragon Mask, a powerful and important relic for the ritual to summon Tiamat and the cults mission.

Varram was last known to be traveling to the northwest to the Serpent Hills, to Boareskyr Bridge, a small settlement in the area. Negotiating for horses – a limited resource within the city for the time being – the party set out.

Along their way they encountered lizard folk and undead, as well as some scouts. They eventually found themselves in Boareskyr Bridge, both a bridge and a tent city, over-watched by paladins from a theocracy nearby.

The townsfolk had heard of the dwarf indeed, as he became a sort of local legend to the people. Asking about, they pointed the group in the direction of The Tomb of Diderius.

Two days more travel and they arrived, seeing the used camp of the cult of the dragon. Making their way to the Tomb entrance, two guarding statues begged the question (wisdom or knowledge) to which the party replied.

Entering the beautiful Tomb, though it smelt of rot and decay, they bang their fight inward.

A series of arcane traps barred many of the ways, from insanity spells to tile chimeras to bound undead. Even a distraught ghost who provided some knowledge. Wrote being set free were here.

The party discovered the divination pool, a powerful natural location that Diderius used to show his immense power. In front of it a betrayed cultist.

Continuing forward, they came across the Tomb of Diderius, who acted kindly toward the adventurers who disturbed nothing they did not need to. The voice, rumbling from the earth, opened a secret door to the yuan-to enclave. Inside an infested enclave fought back at first, but quickly realized they did not possess the force to push back.

They offered Varram in exchange for the adventurers quick departure, claiming they
had to return Varrams soul first.

Not eager to start another fight, the adventurers agreed, soon receiving Varrams beaten and broken (yet still alive) form an hour later. Shortly after the departure of the yuan-ti, however, a figure standing in a broken tower made its presence known.

Standing high above the group, and barely speaking though his voice carrying was a man in deep crimson robes, skin a sickly grey, head shaved bald with black runes emblazoned in his skull. A red wizard looked down upon the group.

He called for their attention, as a individual he knew had mutual interest he hoped to share.

The wizard, mounting a horse, led the group to a tent in the wilderness, guarded by undead warriors and Devils. Inside, was a powerful entity called Lord Volmer. He asked that any red wizards that belong to the cult be made known to him, as well as Devils serving the cult. These defectors belong to and insurgent band within the Hells, which the devil king himself (Asmodeus) wishes to punish. The defecting wizards will be made known to the Lichlord Szass Tam, ruler of Thay. They all will be made examples of.

The party tentatively agreed.

Upon arriving back, the news of Varrams capture was taken well. The party began to unwind, but Aur learned of an individual seeking their attention. The party followed, being led into the forest, where they were assaulted by assassins from the Cult.

Surviving, many cultists fled.

The Shack upon returning, had signs of forced entry, with one of the wards having been triggered.

In two days, another Council will be held.

Shack Survival
Parrying blows from Assassins

The party, sans Brennok, continued their two day downtime.

Day One
Group: The entire group came back together after the attempted assassination attempt from the Cult of the Dragon.

Aur: Aur continued crafting his new helm, purchasing gems and having them affixed. He also spent some time to chat with Drenomere about inks, although Drenomore had complained that his shipments from nearby supply chain towns were being attacked by the Cult of the Dragon, and made impossible to get materials. He mentioned that the next nearly guaranteed shipment from his hometown of Gladstrom would be perhaps a week or two out still.

From here, Aur traveled to the Ascendant Quarter in search of Branken, who he found talking with Alister within the Harper Office within the Wavemeet Castle. Here Alister provided Aur one of his traveling spellbooks, and provided enough ink to supply him with two 7th level spells. A mysterious new figure to Aur, the High Harper Durst, was sitting in the back of the room, agitatedly allowing Aur’s presence. The smell of dry rot permeated the room.

Branken: Branken continued his meeting with Skippy and Ripley, but also sent skippy out to get two fresh doors, get skilled dwarves, and a few other missions. Skippy said that Lady Dala Silmerhelve (the lady in green) had a new guest over, but she might have a bit of time to get into contact with the masterwork stonemasons in White Stone.

From here Branken went to the Ascendant Quarter, encountering many of the Council men and women, as well as Lady Silverhand and Remalia chatting, with Silverhand pushing papers into Remalia’s hands. Seeing you, she chatting with you a small bit, and impressed upon you the need for secrecy and to reduce the party’s irreverent approach to wandering into town with freshly killed corpses. She then took the papers from Remalia and told you to given them to Rian Nightshade for delivery. Lady Silverhand left to upstairs, while the freshly unburdened Remalia left the castle.

Shortly after this conversation, Leosin Erlanthar appeared, and through some questions, admitted that the 7bag of holding has a second keyed portal that Leosin has within his realm of influence. Although he asked if Branken needed a demonstration, he took the old monk at his word.

Here Branken waited to meet Rian for about half an hour, at which point she made an appearance. Barely speaking, she gestured for Branken to follow into a room, where they began to chat. Here she began folding the papers, while she agreed to answer two of Branken’s questions if he would deliver the letters. First, Branken learned that the assassins who had broken into his house were not Zhentarim, nor could they have been the Rot Kings. The Dragon Cultists, according to Rian, likely were not culprits either, leaving only the Stelhard Syndicate to blame. Through ever her best workers, the Syndicate continuously eludes her, the Harpers, the city and royal guards, and even Lady Silverhand or Taern Hornblade. Second, Branken learned that the fishmonger was the one to place the hit with the Syndicate. A fishmonger that was supposedly already dead. She gave a free question as well, speaking about death on the council. The Lady Silverhand’s aide, a young man from Whitestone, was found dead (having hanged himself) with the dead corpse of the dwarven aide from the Mithral Hall in front of him. Much death has been coursing through the city, and she informed Branken that they are doing what they are able to to remove the problems. Lastly, she warned that the Syndicate, as far as she knew, had at most three or four agents within the city, but even one agent was dangerous enough for any organization. The agents were likely part of the Arcanum, one of the three major organizations that fall under the umbrella of the Syndicate. The other two, the Feral (stupid and easily manipulated brutish barbarians) and the Blackhands (skilled swordsmen, gladiators, and a few worthwhile assassins) also fall underneath the occult Syndicate. She warned that the Arcanum and their death mages were perhaps the most dangerous, with magic practitioners honing their spells for the profession of insurrection, coups, and of course contract fulfillment. She said if it were her, she would never stay in one place long, never use her real name, never be seen, and never show her true face, all while tracking down the heart of the Syndicate, rumored to have spread like a cancer from the east, in a human outpost called Gladstrom.

From here, Rian made her way out, directing Branken to place each letter on the corresponding councilperson’s desk, upstairs. This Branken did, encountering Silverhand again. She spoke of the spells Scrying and Speak with Dead, and the ability of those who work for the council to perform each, given the right components. She took her letter, and Branken continued, with the exception of Remalia, who’s room was locked. Descending the stairs, Branken encountered Alister and Aur, both of whom were making their way back upstairs. Inside Branken saw Durst, the Mummy Lord from the Court of Bones, apparently a High Harper and important leader within the Harpers guild. Branken placed his letter down, and bit the group farewell, after asking Durst a bit more about himself (apparently betrayed by the Mages of Saruun many years ago. His friends entombed within gems, which Branken turned back over).

Branken left from here to continue investigating for assassins before his appointments with Ripley and Skippy. Finding many Zhentarim agents and boundary runes who now acknowledge Branken’s gaze, he also saw one figure vanishing within the very shadows, dressed in a black cloak. Branken however was unable to follow.

Cain: Cain did a bit of shopping, ensuring his sword was etched, his armor was commissioned, his robes were brought back to wearable conditions, and his other orders were taken care of. He also purchased and constructed half a barrel worth of black powder, which he stuffed into four vials, and had Nah’Krinn create a few metal containers, which also were likewise stuffed with pebbles and black powder.

Cain also went to visit the White Swords in look for Daea. The entire area of the White Swords was absolutely packed, with many, many new adventurers swarming the area, both inside and outside the building. Here Cain asked to see Daea, but was unable to get a hold of her, as Abbadar the contract broker explained she had been gone for at least a month now on one of her hunts, and nobody except she knows about her business. Cain left behind a letter for her to get into contact with him upon her arrival back into Wavemeet.

From here, Cain looked though the contracts, found one asking for a Nightmare heart and Basilisk eyes, and decided to find Nah’krinn to get ready to do the basilisk mission. They together spent the evening getting prepared, with a polymorph spell in his ring of storing, and some book knowledge gained from the likewise filled library of the Ivy District.

Nah’krinn: His first day was spent seeking out the temple of Bahamut in the northern part of the Ivy District (the Wise District specifically), making a huge (3,000gp) donation to the church, and asking the clergy on staff if he could start sending his order aspirants this direction. Spending a bit of time creating a job posting outside the White Swords, also taking in the sudden surge of adventurers, both healthy and seemingly recuperating, Nah’Krinn placed his final draft on the board. Skippy was hired at 7gp a week, and would become Nah’krinn’s runner. Together, he and Cain began their mission of gathering materials required for their journey out, while later that night forging the first of Cain’s makeshift ‘bombs’.

Day Two:

Group: The entire party were woken up early the following day by a knock at the front door, as a typically early Skippy entreated them to look towards the sky. Here, the party could just make out a large blot just visible through the early rays of sunlight. Walking out of the shack, other merchants and guards had taken notice too, pointing it out, with many guards making their way to the gates. Here there was a crowd of guards around a single Harper agent, who was trying to explain that all was alright, and that they should return to their homes. Nah’krinn, using his official badge, climbed the tower and took a good look at the now looming blot upon the sky. Here he made out what appeared to be a floating vessel, a ship borne aloft in the air, with a headway directly for the city of Wavemeet. The Harper agent, nearly hysterically was trying to get guards back to where they were needed, as the ship’s enormous shadow passed over the city, a minute later followed by the massive flying skyship. Standing at the bow of the ship, a foot raised up upon a railing, was a very confident and charismatic fellow, a blond goatee and mustache and rich red colored finery and a red cape. ‘Behold, Sony Tark , Dragonslayer of Gladstrom and Savior of this City HAS ARRIVED!’ he shouted out, as the ship made its way, descending all the while, towards Castle Wavemeet. The ship itself seemed manned by massive 10-12 foot tall crew members, all at the ready at nearly a dozen massive arbalests on the ship. The party, curious, nevertheless went about their own duties, with the Harper agent making the wry comment while shaking his head (“THAT is certainly worse that wandering in with a dragon’s head on your shoulders”).

Aur: Like the rest of the party, Aur saw Cain and Nah’Krinn leave the city,m making their way north to White Stone to kill some basilisks. Purchasing a bit more ink and getting more work done on his helmet, Aur disappeared back into Castle Wavemeet, to continue inscribing his spells, now alone entirely. Part way through his inscribing, Branken barged into the room, looking worried. He asked Aur to send a message to Cain and Nah’krinn that they were going to be beset by assassins, and that they should turn back to town immediately. Aur chose to comply, and then went back to his inscribing. Returning back to the Shack late at night (6pm).

Branken: Early in the morning, Branken saw Cain and Nah’Krinn leave for their mission, while the dwarves appeared. Branken quickly set them about their mission as Skippy’s installer came by with the two big doors, installing them both. Branken continued his work with Ripley and Skippy, but also came across more Zhentarim agents as well as two more black robed figures. These two were chatting, and Branken was able to gather that they were plotting to kill the two party members that separated themselves from the group. Branken attempted to give chase, but the two now disguised assassins vanished into shadow before any real damage could be dished out. Worried for their well being, Branken ran to find Aur, and have him send a message to Cain and Nah’Krinn. Again Branken came across Rian, this time looming over the balcony as below Sony Tark was greeting/singing/discussing with many guards, council members, and other royal people (flanked by two massive stone automatons) about his great feats and stories. Rian spoke more about the Syndicate, providing Branken with one of the guilds’ magic cloaks, and warning Branken that she had seen him speaking with Skippy the other day before being swallowed into shadow, just like the Syndicate members…

Cain and Nah’Krinn: Setting out together, Cain purchased himself a horse and Nah’Krinn summoned his regally named steed, and together they set out, accompanied for a while by other adventurers who were out on a mission as well. The first four hours went by without too much trouble, with only occasionally some birds and wildlife making an appearance, the adventurers long since turning east away from the path of Cain and Nah’Krinn. Nah’krinn however received a whisper from Aur, carried aloft on an arcane wind, warning them of incoming assassins. Not too long after that, both Cain and Nah’krinn caught two unknown figures attempting to scry upon them. Spooked, they began to formulate ideas of a counter-trap, keeping along the path they came in on (but off a ways to see if anyone might have been following), they became more and more anxious. Cain, finally, spotted a figure hundreds of feet off, but only just before a series of three whirlwinds began slamming into Nah’Krinn and Cain. Later identified as Invisible Stalkers, the two adventurers fought in vain as the elementals tore into them, with the assassins not too far off, closing in as well.

Deciding that running was by far the best choice, Cain polymorphed himself into a giant owl and took flight, while Nah’Krinn took the moment of distraction to run away. The three wizards hurled spells at the two, but their speed eventually put them out of reach, the stalker turning Cain’s horse into blood soup within seconds.

Arriving out of breath into Wavemeet, the two regrouped with their friends.
Aur created a magnificent demiplane mansion for the group to rest in for the evening, protecting them from any unwanted intruders.

Day Three — Council Meeting Day

The entire party woke up together within the mansion, carefully leaving it. Darmok was waiting outside, and quickly enchanted the entire building, bringing the defenses of the place back into line, and also providing a partial days protection from Elementals entering the building.

Skippy did some running for the group, Darmok finished his work, the dwarves made their leave, and eventually the party prepared for the council meeting later today.

A knock was heard at the door, and behind it a concerned looking Skippy, acting a little oddly. He asked if he could see Branken outside for a moment. Producing a gem, he asked Branken if he knew anything about it, or if he had asked Skippy to place it in the coffers. In that moment, Branken felt a terrible sucking feeling that he was able to resist, but that left Skippy in shock. Opening the door to see what the commotion was, Nah’Krinn too felt the sucking feeling. Standing there a little dazed, Nah’Krinn told the party he was fine.

Nah’krinn quickly told the party they should destroy the gem, and agreeing, the party sent Skippy to hand the gem to Remallia Haventree — the Harpers. He made his way on out, as Aur became suspicious, recognizing the effect of the spell. BRanken began to make his way out, as he had things to do, as did Nah’Krinn. Aur balked thier attempts, asking each where was the first time they had seen Aur. Nah’Krinn then misty stepped out of the room.

Not to be left behind, the party gave chase. Onto the roof of the shack. There Nah’krinn stood, a terrible smile upon his face. Aur’s spells glanced off this foe, as Branken leap put him within a grapple on the foe. Cain climbed the building, while the foe in Nah’krinn’s body misty stepped to Cain. Reaching out with a finger of Death, Cain felt his life force drained, but luckily not snuffed. The party continued their fight, trying to incapacitate Nah’Krinn, but each time he teleported away.

The fight poured into the streets, alerting the guards as Aur came into possession of the ruby gem again (recovering ti from Skippy, who quickly kept running off to Remallia). Nah’krinn, turning away from the flying Aur, ran instead into a nearby building filled with a family.

The party surrounded Nah’krinn- Aur at the window, Branken in the door, and Cain gliding through the wall to flank Nah’Krinn. With a terrible laugh, the foe launched an overcharged fireball into the room, incinerating the family and badly wounding everyone in the room.

Aur tossed his final hold person spell, succeeding at immobilizing Nah’Krinn. Cain shortly after felt a terrible sucking feeling at his soul, but succeeded. Nah’Krinn now, spoke out ‘Its me!" but the party was understandably cautious, with Aur again asking questions only Nah’Krinn would know.

Branken grabbed the gem, and saw its magic wink out. Aur saw a guard tear away from the crowd, running toward the center of the city as fast as his armor would let him. Branken brought his hammer down onto the gem, shattering it. Aur saw the guard stumble, and fall flat to the ground. A moment passes, and the guard, dizzy, picked himself up, looking around confusedly.

The party did their best to explain the situation to the guard, who said they would be sending for the royal guard to deal with this scenario, putting the entire group on arrest within the Shack. From there, the party found their trap for the Invisible Stalkers had worked, with the Stalkers easily dispatched at range.

Healing with a short rest, the council is only an hour away…..

Metallic Dragons, Arise
Council with the Biggest Goods of the Realm

Starting from their run in with the run in with the Arcanum assassin, Petlannan Silentread and a contingent of clerics and paladins came to interrogate the adventurers, to ensure they are who they say they were. For the most parry, the party passed without incident, and were lead through a wave of angry citizens.

Insides the palace, shortly a meeting began. Notably, a new lady (Lady Elia), a new man (Sony Tark) were present, and Lord Dagult no longer sat at the head of the table, with the honor now upon Lady Silverhand.

The council chatted about raids in the Misty Forest (King Melandrach said no, while Delaan Winterhound said otherwise, Cain backing up the Emerald Enclavist’s statments). There are many raids on the towns of Faerun, including Citadel Abdar to the north, the Misty Forest, and Wavemeet.

There are assassinations within the council itself, causing concern. A Whitestone aid and a Mithral Hall aid were found dead, one having killed the other and then having committed suicide.

Varram the White has been helpful, providing aid on the five Wyrmspeakers, their location, the purpose of the Masks, and of course the Leader Severin Silrajin.

The Arcane Brotherhood have joined the cause, and Malfurb’s lore has revealed the likely location of Araunthator’s main lair.

A massive hoard is being heavily guarded by cultists as they move wealth from it to the Well of Dragons. Fast moving heroes might have a chance to reclaim the wealth for the nations.

Grein Iron and Citadel Abdar are under siege, and no supplies are making it to the citadel.

Elia then revels her true nature as a dragon, and asks for a delegation to speak with the Metallics.

Following the council, and many smaller discussions, the party fly off with Otaaryliakkarnos to the Nether Mountains. Along the way, the party encountered two adult dragons with red wizards mounted on them, a fight they were not ready for. Knowing time was of the essence Otaaryliakkarnos flew off at double pace, leaving the assailants far behind.

The group drew near to the mountain, took a rest, and then proceeded into the heart of the mountain, where five Ancient Metallic Dragons waited for them all. A Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze and Copper dragon all sat upon mounds of gold and treasure, as the meeting began.

Introduced was the Metallic Council, each with their wants and desires. In the end, the party conceded two apologizes (one from the dwarves for the dragonmoots and one from the elves for the dracorage mythal), in addition, the silver dragon requested the return of the scales of her niece, now in the form of a set of dwarven armor, handed to a dwarven lord of the Mithral Hall.

The Copper requested the return of an item, long ago stolen from her hoard, but in the end gave the item back to Aur.

The Brass requested the creation of a massive landmark to the dragons who aided. The Silver requested a MASSIVE temple dedicated to Bahamut.

Three shares of the hoard were also promised to the Metallic Council.

From here, the party rested, then returned to the now excited council members, basking in the short glory of having powerful new allies. All of course before seeing the price tag. A small town was liberated very quickly before the adventurer’s returned, however, with the aid of the Silver Dragon.

Lastly, before settling into the Mansion for the night, the adventurers 1) agreed to go to Grein Iron and help the dwarvern citadels, and 2) took out a doppelganger that was wandering the cities, masquerading as an assistant to the magic shop keeper Drenomere.


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