A Day in Gildock, pt. II
Shopping, Aur nabbing, Kitten saving, Rumor making, and more

The party all began the day within Gildock, Branken sleeping outside the border, arriving shortly within town.

The adventurers first began with a kindly conversation with Lee, Alister, and the group of monks that Alister had with him. He spoke of Wavemeet across the sea, and the need for him to return to start sorting things out. He was hoping to meet back up with the White Swords, he spoke that while Sovereign Tyric Gho’dal was keeping the populus docile, there seemed to be something deeper running throughout the lands to the East. He also mentioned gathering his ‘old friends’ to reform the guild that seemed to be needed to be remade again. Alister was also talking with Ambrosius Goldenloin, before Ambrosius and his group departed.

The Guild of the Golden Order, specifically Ravena, spoke to Brennok, telling him that the Guild was being recalled back to the home base in Wavemeet, and that there was much work to be done for adventurers abroad, offering him a the papers needed and a place aboard the ship, to which Brennock declined. Ravena left, asking once more whether Brennok would pay for drinks in the future.

Cain made his way out searching, in vain, for another Tinker within town, picked up his mask, and followed Nah’Krinn out of town.

Brennok, after talking with Ravena and her guild, made his way through town to pick up a set of javelins, and to find some work. After searching and re-discovering the work board, Brennok made his way through the postings for information about crime throughout the city to find a small posting written on a rough piece of paper in charcoal reading “Hero wanted: Tibblz is misin. Will give 2 when hes found”. Shouting through the town with this ad in hand, Brennok came across 5 young children who he had seen many weeks ago. A young boy by the name of Sidney came forth, and through the rest of the day, including a panther fight, Brennok guiding the children outside of Gilddock, with the children climbing all over him. Unfortunately with Tibblz dead, Brennok found a new companion for Sidney, and disposed of the other in the Red Leprechaun Inn fireplace, to the heavy chagrin of the entire room. Brennok ended his day by winning a drinking contest with two of the general city guard.

Nah’Krinn began his day with a cold start, realizing his glaive no longer offered him complete protection from the cold fury imbued within it. Taking time to be introspective about why this might be, Nah’Krinn was intercepted by a number of priests from the local Temple of Bahamut, who after leading him to the temple on the outside portion of the inner city, mentioned that the Grand Vizer had a vision. Although murky, as often these things are, thy mentioned that trouble, Chromatic War style trouble, was brewing to the main continent to the east, and the priests called upon Nah’krinn to continue his path of Vengeance once again. Troubled, Nah’Krinn made his way to the Fighter’s Guild on the outside of town, under the watch of Varian Riselk and a friendly dwarf, and he sparred for the majority of the day.

Branken’s day started witha failed trip to Flumzusea’s shop, after a quick order fro two basic cloack from the local shop. Flumzusea’s store was closed, and no one seemed to draw near the place. Making his way instead to the Gilded Gumbo, Auntie Verna confirmed that many of the guild had packed up or have gone missing, confirming Max Sujet being one of those. She aided in determining his course of action, and lent him a disguise kit. Sowing rumors throughout the city disguised as an older dwarf, Branken quickly learned of the capture of Flumzusea, as well as some strange behavior being displayed by the Worpuses. He finally made his way to Teller’s, met a quite assistant, and collected a number of potions, along with the dust of tracelessness.

Aur’s day began simple enough, with a trip around town to gather the materials needed for a find familiar spell, before he found himself at Teller’s in the hope of using his Gem of Truesight. Chatting for a bit about Aur’s home plane, Teller agreed to help, but not before sending a scroll away. With the gem, Aur cast a spell to allow him to read languages, but was still unable to extract information from the book he collected. Thanking Teller, Aur attempted to make his way out of the shop. Leaving the storeroom and entering the main lounge area, Aur was confronted with three guards from the CCC, asking him to travel along. Teller, providing an illusion, the guards led Aur to the inner quarter of the city, inside a massive granite mansion, down two flight of stairs, and into a lavishly furnished cell, two across from none other than Flumzusea. There the guards left Aur to wait. Two hours along, an impressive and large human being strode into the room wearing finely detailed leather and iron armor, flanked by two other guards. This human had tanned skin, a little bit of a 5’oclock shadow, a magnificent blue sapphire around his neck, and help an air of considerable importance. This man informed Aur that the Master would see him in the morning, and that he regrets holding Aur in such an indignified way. Offering food, the man and the guards left. In the morning, Morovin Breaun did attend, telling Aur of his relationship with Eaf, and his duty to guard Aur from physical harm, pointing out the dangerousness of the adventurer’s he was spending time with. Aur, asking if Breaun could return him to the plane of air, the Master agreed, unlocking the room, and guiding Aur into a small study a floor above, with guards and other patrons mingling about. The Master grabbed a hold of Aur, and with Aur’s willing, transported the pair to the Plane of Air. Quickly finding his old home, and a number of nightmarish scnese of his father’s death, the world around him seeming not to be what it really seems, the story has yet to be told….

So guys, that was a short session, but I think we all have a much clearer idea of what we hope to accomplish next go around. Next week I need off, and you all mentioned needing the week after, so in three weeks time, I look forward to seeing what will happen next!


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