So much to do, so much time to do it.

World Notes:

Adventure Notes:

  • 2 Years
  • 115K gold each


  • Aur things


  • Met with Kong Merzar to discuss long reaching goals of the world. Received the Storm King’s Stone as a sign of cooperation, along with Frea a loaned out Roc. Merzar warned of a cataclysmic event on the horizon for entities of eternity, one of the rise of God-Sorcerers.
  • Met with the Council of Ancient Metallics to discuss creation of a monument city.
  • Went back to Wavemeet to rebuild and sell the Shack
    • Met with Skippy, Darmok, Connor, and Islmore and Jeera. Hired out Islmore and Jeera to guard the Shack. They both seemed very well equipped and powerful. Talked about helping the Golden Order on another continent defeat a powerful lich for the Arcana Pansophical.
      Start Month 2


  • Went home to chat with family and Oret.
  • Chatted considerably with Rhostig:
    • Shared stories. Learned Rhostig had a past on Returned Abeir with the Tabaxi. He lost a hat to them.
  • Went to the top of Ulvar Pinnacle to chat with Kong Merzar:
    • Merzar warned of the threat of the frost giants, and that they will need to be eliminated, or shown true strength.
  • Placed an order with the local blacksmith for a new waraxe (60 days, 8000gp).
  • Gathered the town (against Oret), and went out to challenge the frost giants
    • Curall, Brine, Dalfo, Rhostig, Vulrock, and three citizens accompanied
    • Succeeded in requesting a one-on-one with Frost Queen Glumsal, avoiding a fight with Fimbrog and Zivrog.
      • Won the fight without any help.
        • Won the boon of the King Storm for his wisdom, and his strength.
  • Visited Durnatel with Rhostig
  • Went back home to Grein Iron, and began working with the citizenry to establish a new town council member (himself).
  • Received his ordered waraxe. Stats in his possession (armor rending / bypass adamantium)
    Start Month 5


  • Set out for his new claim (Order of the Silver Hand), after pledging fealty by proxy (Lord Dagult Neverember) to Sovereign Tyric Gho’dal of Durnatel.
  • Found a cobalt and sulfer mines, along with many groups of nasties.
  • Began building for the first month.
  • While in Durnatel with Branken, hired Neville Daxio, chief architect of Durnatel (details).
  • Had an incident with high level NPCs that kidnapped Nah’Krinn to the other side of Toril for a day. He survived.
  • Found Isteval was a double agent. Fixed this.
    Start Month 2

Branken and Nah’krinn:

  • Gathered information in Durnatel about the Ice Toads
    • Found the Toads in The Reserve, a secret bastion of knowledge and lore.
      • Convinced the toads to help with the location of Araunthator’s other lair, in exchange for putting them on Skyreach Castle with Kong Merzar.
  • Fly with the Roc lent to Branken, and some of Nah’krinn’s Guard to Oyaviggaton, the floating ice berg. There, they claim the remains of Araunthator’s lair and save one Cloud Giant.
  • The pair set off to the dormant volcano and ice spire in the middle of the sea of moving ice…


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