"Goblin Guide, Expert Trap Maker, and Professional Lookout"


Tut-Tut was first discovered shortly into the trip to the Feywild. After exiting a forest full of Garumps, the adventurers came upon a clearing in which many goblins were napping alongside iron cages of elves and wildlife.

The one goblin that was keeping an expert lookout for his sleeping comrades was indeed Tut-tut.

Smaller than a normal goblin, with huge eager eyes and a little red hat, Tut-tut proved to be a valuable guide and helper after some convincing that his companions were evil, and that his beloved King K’tam was also exploiting him for his abilities.

Leading this deception was Brennok, to whom Tut-tut took considerable liking.

Guiding the party into the foreboding Thunderspire mountain, and aiding them as the navigated the many traps and secret passages, Tut-tut ensured that traps were never sprung. Even more, he along recalled the entrance to the Court of Bones, as well as a secret entrance to King K’tam’s underground lair.

Eager to follow the party to the very end, Tut-tut accompanied them into the Well of Demons, a temple for the demon prince Baphomet. During the climax battle against the Guardian, an adult green dragon tasked with the defense of the place, Tut-tut valiantly took the front of a fireball released by party cleric Giggledrop, a move that ensured the demise of the dragon.

With only a charred red hat remaining, party member Brennok saw to the proper burial and rites for his friend back in the Prime Material Plane, just south of the city of Gilddock Bay.



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