Teller Penndragon

"Human Illusionist and Artificer"


Teller is a tall and large human being, with full black hair and a penchant for luxurious robes fashioned in almost a suit like fashion way out fashion for the time. Such exuberance befits most wizards however.

Teller works a magic show in the main city of Gilddock Bay for the uprising in tourism, putting his specialty to work. To help get more funds on the side, however, he also dabbles in enchanting items, primarily for the miners and the mercenary’s that protect them. He has a small supply of potions, scrolls and other consumables, but lately cannot seem to keep items in stock.

Teller employs the work of a single helper, “Kynen”.

He is able to provide custom items at a relatively fair cost.

Like many others, Teller seems to have ridden the influx of interest in the Argonessen Continent since the Chromatic War, and is relatively new to the area.

Teller seems to be helping Master Morovin Breaun in keeping eyes and ears within the city.


Teller Penndragon

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