Rendel Halfmoon

"Halfling Owner of the Halfmoon Inn"


Rendel is a halfling who aspires himself a light adventurer (and got himself caught the first time out), as well as owner of the Halfmoon Inn.

The Inn, owned in part by his sister Erra, is located within the Thunderspire Labrynth inside the Seven Pillared Hall, run by the Mages of Saruun. The Thunderspire Mountain was last known to reside within the Feywild, but is known to move around…

Rendel took a liking the party as they rescued him early on within the mountain, with the aid of Tut-tut describing the hidden room that the goblins were keeping him in.

Rendel provided free food and stay for the adventurers that helped him.

Rendel appeared to have a dislike for dwarves, especially the adventurer Branken, of whom he was afraid.


Rendel Halfmoon

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