Queen Una

"Seelie Queen of the Fey"


Queen Una, the Seelie Queen of the Feywild.

Encountered by the party in the Feywild arc, she stood imperiously in a fairy lit tree covered glad deep within her forest, with many overly happy fey creatures marveling in her presence. Standing aloft on a great stone that parts a whispering stream that cuts through the area, she provided a deal o the adventures — find her her favorite treasure and bring him back, and they would be released from her collection.

All the while ominous statues of people crowded the areas, which the denizens of the court were busy decorating ith flowers and grassy crowns.

On their to find Sony Tark, the favorite treasure, Queen Una attempted to get a bow from the party, but failed to influence them.

It has been said by both Alister and Art, along with denizens of Antioz that Queen Una is very distrusting of her rival in the Unseelie Court.


Queen Una

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