Petlannan Silentread

"Human Paladin of the Order of the Guantlet"


Petlannan is a very serious human Paladin, serving the growing Order of the Guantlet to the east.

Petlannan was seen by the party far back in the Underdark of Gilddock Bay, deep in the shadowy city of Pedastal, just beside the Necromancer’s Spire.

Petlannan, and two paladins from the order, had some to bring back the King’s Bones, a set of remains told by prophecy to help prevent a terrible imminent disaster.

Upon discovering the party, Petlannan had also lost many paladins to a Pale Knight who seemed to be on the same path as the remainder of the party.

After recovering the bones, Petlannan followed the party as they made their way back to Gilddock Bay, but that is when Krosis struck, creating a wildfire in the deep forest, splitting the party and the paladin.


Petlannan Silentread

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