Nerissella Joysword

"Dwarven Blacksmith"


Nerissella is one of the longtime residents of the Gilddock Bay city. Long, Auburn brown hair that she keep bunched up in a leather cap as she works, her goggles almost always covered in soot, and her dark brown wyrvernhide apron likewise tends to be soiled in the same metalic residues.

Nerissella owns her own smithery the butts right up against the massive cliff that forms the barrier between Gilddock Proper and the growing residential area of Gilddock Bay. As part of the smithy, Nerisella also owns the bit of land that the waterfalls ends at, creating a perfect reservoir of consistently cool water for her projects.

Nerisella prides herself in her work, at one time taking great care and time in all of her work, crafting items of sheer brilliance and unmatched beauty when compared against the other smithers available in the area.

With the desperate need for refined and cured iron, Nerisella has expanded her business at the toll of losing almost all of her independence. Very few custom items can be made by her, as new hires take care of most of the specialized attention, as well as the bulk refinement of metals.


Nerissella Joysword

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