"Feywild Lycan Recruiter"


Moora is a very old human appearing woman with very feral features. A very thin and haggard old lady with a voice like a growl, and long grey hair that comes down in unkempt ropes upon he faded leather close, which hang upon her body like a clanswoman’s clothes might.

Moora is a werebear who has a very important role to play in the character Markon’s past. It was she who passed along the curse of lycanthropy to him as a child, and to him that she lost her front teeth in the fight.

Many years later, within the feywild they met again, but this time Moora introduced herself. Congratulating Markon on his adventurers, she offered him a chance to fight along side her and the other lycanthropes to further their cause within the Feywild.



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