Master Morovin Breaun

"Mayor of Gilddock Bay, and Owner of the Certus Courier Company"


Master Breaun is a naturally very well dressed half-elven man in indigo blue vestements, and clad in a long indigo blue cloak. His hair a silvery grey is kept very short. A platnium necklace around his neck, and perhaps too many rings to count, he walks and talks an awful lot like a IRL italian mafia member. He seems to have eyes and ears throughout the city, with Teller Penndragon being one such person.

Other than that he is very powerful, very rich, and seems to have been placed in a situation in which he wields considerable power over the entire political, economic, and force of guards within the city of Gilddock Bay.

Breaun also seems to know something about Eaf, Aur’s father, and appears to possess the ability to travel between planes of existence with nothing more than a word.


Master Morovin Breaun

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