Red Dragonborne Eldritch Knight


Born into a chromatic color of a lower class family in Draconia, Krosis quickly grew distrust within the ranks of the city, as the metallics always conspired against him. Trained in the military, and eventually becoming an elite, he was blindsided by a mission out to take care of duegar threats. Under suspicion that they were orchestrated, and with supreme mistrust of the bahamut leaders of Draconia, he slayed a number of them as they slept, fleeing the city to the east, making his way to Gildock Bay.

His adventures there were many, from sleuthing out the murderer of a Medusa, to aiding the local thieves guild in removing the traitorousBaroness Mel by lighting her abode ablaze.

Eventually, however, after an escapade in the underdark and having received a number of visions, he eventually left the party in a while of green arcane energy to never been seen of again.

Rumors do fly of his nefarious coalition with the chromatic dragons within the Chromatic War. He is rumored to have never been caught or put to justice.


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