Kong Ulvar Merzar

"King Storm"


Kong Ulvar Merzar (“King Storm Merzar” in Giant), is a Storm Giant Quintessence atop Ulvar Pinnacle, just north of Grein Iron. Atop the peak is Merzar’s outlook, from where he peers upon the world of humanoids. Far above even the top of this mountain, floating above all of creation, is Skyreach Castle, a bastion of vast wealth and a powerful military asset. Roosting there is an unknown number of magnificent Rocs, which serve Merzar loyally.

Merzar seems ancient, having seen much of this Cycle. His beard is bound in six iron bands, each with a unique script upon it. His great-great-great-sword is by his side, bound in the lighting of a hundred storm fronts. His eyes betray the roiling storm that he now embodies.


Kong Ulvar Merzar

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