"Owner of Flumzusea's Apothecary in Gilddock Bay"


Flumzusea is bold and quick-to-the-point, but also enjoys being cryptic now and again to those she likes. Often not able to be bothered by those she dislikes, Flumzusea has been a critical part in the party’s adventures thus far.

Players Know…

Flumzusea owns and operates Flumzusea’s Apothecary within Gilddock Bay.

Flumzusea is an active and high ranking member of the Gilddock Bay Thieves’ Guild.

Flumzusea has participated in the Gilddock Bay Battle Royal.

  • She often fights alongside her friend Quentin
  • She appears to have experience as both a monk and a thief
  • She appears to have knowledge of simple explosives


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