Elias Jathret

"Golden Order Wizard"


Elias is the often outspoken and arrogant wizard of the Guild of the Golden Order, and perhaps their most volatile member. Only their leader Ambrosius Goldenloin seems to keep the lid on this hot-headed wizard.

Elias has short brown hair (no hats — the picture isn’t perfect), and wears dark brown leather vest and pants. The leather does not cover his body fully, showing his well trained body, and makes even more plausible the illusion that he may indeed be a rogue, especially with the two daggers he keeps by his side. A crystalline gem is all that betrays his wizardly way, as it dangles around his neck.

After seeing him fight in battle, the party has come to see his strange and terrifying ability to shape fate as it is written.

A short glimpse after their battle at the top of one of the towering mountains of Draconia displayed a map of densely clustered tattoos that cover Elias’s entire body, which he quickly hid again with an wave of his hand upon seeing the group of Chimera’s Bane return.


Elias Jathret

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