"Tiefling Ambassador"


Edge is a tielfing, whose solid black horns and burning red skin, and violet eyes and jet black hair leave many feeling uneasy.

Before the Chromatic War, Edge worked as the face of the Gilddock Bay Thieve’s Guild, and was wanted by Baroness Mel for her thievery within the city. Upon meeting Krosis and his party, she guided the group to the mountains to the west to reclaim information needed about the Drow enclave, as well as the movement of ‘something’ within the world.

She was last seen after reading a piece of parchment and becoming furious, stating that she was needed back at home. That she was being recalled.

During her departure, she said goodbye to Flumzusea and Max, turning a cold shoulder to Auntie Verna, who reciprocated the feeling.



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