"Traveling Merchantlord"


Drenomere is a charismatic merchant lord from the far off East, bringing his limited wares to see the potential of Wavemeet as a place to set up shop. As an Aasimar (the opposite of a tiefling) his celestial heritage brings with his irresistible charm, unfairly good looks, and the sense that he could do no wrong.

Luck, to an Aasimar, is less of a chance of fate, and more of a personal characteristic, finding fortune for themselves and others wherever they may go. This is much the opposite of a tiefling, who, whether they wish it or not, find misfortune to those they come across.

Owner and operator of Drenomere’s Magical Goods, aided by his half elven assistant Sara (Dopplganger now taken in for questioning), located in the very cozy, yet simultaneously upper-end shop just inside Eastgate.



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