Baroness Mel

"Ex-Leader of Gilddock Bay"


Barnoness Mel had only ever had confrontations with one character: Krosis.

The Baroness, the leader of the small and growing port town of the city, held a magnificent oak mansion on the small hill within Gilddock Proper, and oversaw the trade of basic supplies and the affairs of the small port town. Dressed in vivid blue dresses and wearing the largest sapphire amulet Krosis had ever seen, she eventually agreed to have a meeting with him, as he disguised his intentions to be that of a traveling merchant hoping to gain approval to work within the city.

As time went on, Krosis grew more and more disillusioned with Mel, after a bounty of the thief Edge’s head turned Krosis’s capture of the thief into a budding apprenticeship. The hunted became the mentor, guiding Krosis to take out Mel instead.

Sneaking into her mansion late at night, Krosis was dismayed that the Baroness was out of town, and proceeded to light her mansion on fire in rage.

A few days later, Mel tricked Krosis by assuming the form of Edge, nearly capturing the dragonborn Krosis as he attempted to escape the inn.

Working on the edge of town with the GB Thieve’s Guild, Krosis managed to supplant Mel with Max Sujet, running the Baroness out of town.

No sightings of Mel have been seen since.


Baroness Mel

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