Auntie Verna

"Elderly Halfling Proprieter and Guild Master"


Little Verna Underbough, or Auntie Verna as she will have you know, is the dry and witty owner of the Gilded Gumbo in the center of Gilddock Bay.

Carrying a wooden spoon, and wearing a pink apron, her white hair in bouncy curls, and always in her pink slippers, Verna is perhaps the most adorable deadly person in existence.

She is also the leader of the underbelly of the city, the GB Thieves’ Guild, maintaining an entrance in the back of her kitchen. This balance of business woman and guildmaster is difficult, and has lead to a number of deals with the city leader, Master Morovin Breaun, to come to an understanding of sort.

Oh, and her Gumbo Soup is legendary throughout the city!


Auntie Verna

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