Voyage to the Misty Forest

And killing things along the way

Prepping early in the morning, talking with members of the council, as well as locals, the party prepared their next foray into the wilderness. Notably, Aur decided to be mysterious and anti-social, so long lost Xaen joined the party as an overseer for King Melendrach.

From there, the party set out, eventually stopping inside the town of Daggerford. Here Brennok kindly donated about 300 gold to the local thieves guild, while Branken chatted with Mayor (and Zhentarim leader for the town) Conan. Branken learned of an ambush waiting about a days travel ahead, and that the area was frequently patrolled by a blue dragon.

Deciding to be heroes, the party set out to clear the camp, and succeeded, leaving before the blue dragon was scheduled to arrive. Nah’krinn took a souvenir in the form a kobold.

The party then entered into the Misty Forest alongside the lower portion, and began an investigation of the city of Altland.

First they met with a shifty elven fellow by the name of Galin. Perturbed by his seeming lack of forthwrittedness, the party nevertheless continued onward, gathering intel from the citizens of Altland. Specifically, that the cult has been attacking nearby cities, leaving nothing in their wake. That Altland survived one such attack from the cultists and a green dragon, with Galin being the hero to deliver the fearsome blows, and scare the cult aware, taking not a bit of damage in so doing. Whispers also spoke of a rider of the dragon. When confronted, Galin stuck to his guns, saying that the city was still recovering, and that the event was so quick for everyone.

Following him late at night, the party discovered that he had been working with the Dragon to plot against other cities, in exchange for this city being spared. When again confronted, he denied it all, only being helpful when someone tried a heartfelt attempt at understanding him. Intimidation was doomed to fail.

With new information gained from a commune with nature, the party again set out to find this dragon and the cult, in order to bring news back to the council. A note was drafted to inform the council, and the party set out deeper into the wood.


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