The World Turned Upside Down

An Ending

The adventurers of Chimera’s Bane banded together for the last push against the Cult of the Dragon one final time. Rallying their forces and solidifying alliances, meeting with dwarves and giants, dragons and thieves, making deals that would shake the foundation of nearby regions…

Together, with gifts from the Metallic Council, the party teleported to the Well of Dragons, under the cloak of illusion and wearing cultist robes, they entered into the Caldera, and glimpsed Tiamat’s Temple. From here, they followed the sacrifices inside, destroying Rath Modar quickly, and then finding Severin Silrajin ahead.

There a battle began, with Red Wizard aides arriving to slow the adventurers from their onslaught. Chimera’s Bane slew the wizards, and rose to fight Severin atop his balcony, suffering severely. As Severin made his escape, shouting their failures as he left, the party were treated to a view of the entire battle below.

A speck floated off in the air in the background with a few angry shapes swirling around it just at the edge of the caldera, as closer a skyship with Frost Giants hurling scrap behemoths over the side. Treants and tangling roots consumed a section of cultists, as the roar of dragonfire overhead could be heard, with the chromatics ganging up on the ancient Metallics. The Thunderhead roiled into action, smiting down as many chromatics as dared approach it.

The cultbound Red Wizards began calling down meteors, as assassins worked to cut them down. Just as other figures clad in red began abducting their cultbound comrades — with one appearing and both vanishing within seconds.

In the background, forces that need to fall back can be seen, with an army of faithful pouring diving grace into each wounded soldier. Just as the party begin to give chase to Severin, a column of divine light flares, leaving a crater of cultists in its wake.

The party give chase, but find the ritual is too far gone. Two head of the Goddess Tiamat are here, and more on the way. Hope lies ruined on the ground, as the party steels themselves for what will be nothing but a trial by fire.

Tiamat seems at first unconcerned with the party, instead to eager and jubilant at eating her own cult up by the dozens. Krosis the war criminal meet his fate at her will. The party suffer many, many, many wounds, as they are forced to retreat, leaving little more than a scrape on her iridescent red scales.

The party find Illuethra, a group of Order of the Gauntlet, and a few Treants battling their way to the fight, and so intervene to aid them. With aid from Cain and Branken, the bottleneck of cultists, guard drakes, and a de-winged red dragon all meet their end.

Illuethra calls upon the essence of magic itself, bending reality to his will by restoring his friend to their full strength. Rallied, the party charges the colossal form of Tiamat, now gliding her way out of her temple.

The party suffer greatly as they approach her magnificent rage, yet, after a triumphant last blow from Nah’Krinn, the weakened Goddess is foiled, and sent screaming back to the pit from which she crawled, until once again she may be summoned.

There is a pause throughout the battlefield as the Goddess is rebuked. The moment hangs for almost an entire second, as all eyes and sense are upon these adventures, who in this moment are no longer mere mortals, but nascent legends – heroes yet to be spun into myth in the eyes of the denizens of the Sword Coast, and villains yet to be immortalized as the purest of evil to those who would soon meet their certain defeat.

Time itself became a blur, with the last bit of enemies being rounded up, as Chromatic dragons who lasted take to the wing, fleeing entirely. The Mask of the Dragon Queen in Illuethra’s clutches, and the Draakhorn in Protanthar’s.

Disappearing into the crowd, Brennok began his search, willing beyond anything that he was wrong, that his brother was indeed still alive… just around the next corner, or the next room, or the next cell…

… but he was not there.

The party continued their hazy movements, finding an impossible room filled with the wealth of the Sword Coast, a billion specks of light just within reach…

Wounded and taking severe damage, the allied forces begin to group and begin the reconstruction of the world, as the newborn heroes plan their future…



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