The Path to Grein Iron

Negotiating with Thunder and Ice

The party gather together quickly within Wavemeet for their journey outward, gathering the many supplies they would need, their steeds, and a cart to carry goods.

Seeking last minute advice, the party spoke with both Petlannan and Lady Silverhand. Silverhand spoke to the dangers of looking like traders, as they seem to be the main targets both of the cultists, as well as those along the trade route. Petlannan had little to offer but a pair of steeds.

The group set off for their two week journey, stopping making many stops along the way, seeing many Emerald Enclavists and trade route guards along the way. The group even came across a wandering wood that seemed to terrorize the group’s paladin to the point of immediate immolation of one of the wandering bushes.

The next morning, your group met in Red Larch and witnessing the large group of Order of the Gauntlet and Lords’ Alliance troops stationed there. Meeting shortly with two strange fellows, an older gentleman Xorfire and younger redhead Ladak, the group learned of secret tunnels that run underneath the crossroads city of Triboar to the north, currently under the sway of a large collection of cultists.

While the group took time to prepare for the next leg, a note was sent to Leosin Erlanthar and the Council of Wavemeet notifying them of the significant blockade, as well as what they knew of Triboar. Responding, Alister mentioned that Triboar was indeed under the sway of Maeora Flipple, an accomplished Wearer of Purple and known enchantress. The city supposedly had nearly 40 cultists, with three half-dragons holding up as lieutenants of the captured trade point. The stories of Xorfire and Ladak were vindicated as well, providing a potential tactical entrance. In the end, however, the group decided to avoid the city altogether.

Other encounters included a black dragon flying overhead, tackling a wyvern rider who seemed too preoccupied with the group. A traveling set of forest dwellers were also met, among several other disappointing travelers. Also, a set of caves that whistled musically at night were discovered.

The group finished their two week travel to Grein Iron, encountering as a few travelers mention, an unnaturally large and fixed storm, covering the mountain ranges of Grein Iron in feet of snow. Plowing on took much of the groups strength. Eventually the Blizzard let up, as a monstrous bird descended upon the party.

An extremely decisive battle ensued from a well placed Hold Monster, quickly rending the bowels from the magnificent and terrifying beast. Seconds after their victory, the storms came back in force, with a booming voice originating from Grein Irons tallest mountain, the Ulvar Pinnacle. A bolt of lighting stuck down at the adventurers, as they struggled to reclaim their panicked horses and finish the 10 miles jaunt through 3 foot snow to the city Proper.

When they did, the guards seemed concerned about the feather trophy gained by Nah’krinn, but guided the group to Oret Eternod, the Half Orc Elder of the Half Orc mining city of Grein Iron, Brennok’s home.

Inside the old orc began to spin a long tale of the last month, beginning with cultists attacks upon their trade caravans. From there, deciding to take the more difficult but potentially safer-from-cultists route through the mountains, four half orcs sent (including Gorik, Brennok’s eldest brother), witnessed a most foreboding sight. A contingent of three dozen cultists seemingly conversing with Fruljar, leader of the Frost Giants of the north.

Quickly, a massive shadow covered them as a giant white dragon joined the cultists. Enraged, the Giants began seeping the cultists, but not before the small dwarf and a group escaped, following the terrified half-orcs back to Grein Iron.

There they trapped the citizens, and stole many of their goods for weeks, until at last a majority left in search of whatever lies atop the Pinnacle. But they sent too many. The citizens took the remaining cultists, putting them in cages, while shortly afterward the blizzards began.

Brennok spent some time meeting with his elders and family, learning the secret of Kong Ulvar Merzar, the Storm King of the Pinnacle. The group in turn spent time interrogating the Wearer of Purple Cheela Flagsteel, a female dwarf who seems to be the least effective general of the Dragon Cult. Speaking of the hatred of Dragons that burns at the heart of all giants, the group decided on a plan to court the Giants.

In the morning, gearing up with knowledge gained from the city elders, they set out for the Ulvar Pinnacle. There they met with Frostlord Fruljar. Their strength was palpable, and made explicit as they march out the “Kvit Wrym” Araunthator, now without his wings and terribly brutalized. The conversation rocked between hostile to mildly interested. The show of historic kills (the teeth and scale) seemed to mildly placate these beings, while long conversations in Common seemed to anger the Frostlord. In the end, Fruljar said to return with the place, and only those he saw before him would he consider “Venn”. All else would be considered “Uven” and would be very quickly “Dod”.

Thundering away with their reptilian mastiff, the party began the perilous climb to the top of the Ulvar Pinnacle. Through good eyesight, and extensive use of the Immovable Rod and Aur’s flight, they were able to ascend the mountain, but not before another monstrous Roc began harassing them, eventually seizing Aur and tossing him to the top of the mountain. Quickly following the rest arrived.

At the top of the peak they saw a massive obsidian obelisk, a rock floating hundreds of feet higher, surrounded by a black storm. The storm began to coalesce before the party into a colossal 30 foot tall Storm Giant, adorned in adamant armor, and carrying a sword that arced with the fury of the storm this being embodied.

This being spoke, at time in rage due to the merciless demise of its Roc. For the most part, it listened intently. The party spoke to the need to band together, and in the end the Storm King agreed, speaking to how without more allies, and allies that would work together, they would be doomed to fail.

Surprised they were not interested in his Castle, Skyreach Castle, and the vast wealth that laid inside, he said to have those in tune with nature to send word to the Storm of Ulvar Pinnacle, and Skyreach Castle would again, for the first time in centuries, move across the sky. The blizzard that locked the region of Grein Iron, however, would stay, watched over by his Roc.

The party descended, carried aloft by the uplifting currents of the storm, reaching the base of the mountain.


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