The First Council of Wavemeet

Persnickety Royalty and Sailing to the Sea of Moving Ice

In the mid afternoon, rising from their sleep, the party encountered a workforce tearing down bits of the shack, while others were carting it away, all as Branken had ordered. Keeping watch and guarding the place were
three adventurers (Islmore, Jeera, and the young boy Brennok had saved). Here too was Connor Reagent, imploring Branken to take him out on an adventure, with Branken politely declining. Visibly upset, but not allowing his voice to betray it, Conner continued his sales pitch, and made his way back to the northern Coins.

From here the group took their remaining half a day to explore further Wavemeet, making what little deals they could.

Aur continued his search Assassins of the Cult of the Dragon, with little progress, stumbling on a father dressed similarly, but likely not a cultist.

Brennok made his way to one of the shadiest spots even open on the holiday weekend and procured himself a bear tattoo.

Cain and Nah’Krinn tested themselves in a feat of strength with the Gnaarck brothers at the circus, declaring Cain the winner of the fight by a narrow margin.

Branken explored the underground tunnels, mapping them out. Other than a steep downhill decline in a few locations, and a few well hidden cubbies that previous thieves likely used to smuggle item, not much else was discovered with the tunnels alone. Branken continued to follow a shady individual searching for the local thieves guild. Following and gathering information to open the path into the guild, he found himself in a rather impressive hall of the Rot King. Walking to what was ostensibly the poison dealer, Branken quickly found that walking uninvited into a thieves’ guild was a dangerous proposition. The old hag interrogating him had his pockets turned out, questioned his loyalty, and while confirmed his at least surface level ability with the ways of a thief, nevertheless held heavy suspicion of his blatant arrival. She also cursed his words of the guild not ‘having a sign’, or any easy way of entry, considering this an affront, a sort of thieves guild buffet compared to the Rot Kings more classical approach to networked thieves. Branken escaped with his life, but a warning to not return to that portion of town, and Branken found that his Bag of Holding, now with a hole it it, no longer connected to the extra-dimensional space where his loot was…

The group returned again to the Shack, and awoke early for the Council meeting. Alister, dressed not in his usual purple vest and pantaloons, now in more formal Harper attire of silver and blue, guided the group to the castle in the stead of Leosin Erlanthar, hoping to calm their nerves, and provide some information. The Council would be made of many, many people, each with their own world views, needs, and personalities. The council would be looking for heroes, and the adventurers would be given a chance to be those heroes.

Entering the Council chambers, the group was met with a sight of 11 other people in a room that appeared open to the early morning sky. Ivy crawled the walls as a central pedestal stood as the center of discussion. Several smaller pedestals circled the room, containing wine and bits of food.

Present at the council was of course all those expected (see Council of Wavemeet), in addition to Dala Silmerhelve, the Noblelady of the Ascendant Quarter and aspiring realty magnate. The council began with all of the members eyeing the adventures, sizing them up, as Chimera’s Bane introduced themselves. King Brawnanvil, eyeing Branken, and Petlannan Silentread making prolonged eye contact with Brennok.

After their introduction, Dagult went one by one around the room, letting each other introduce themselves (see the Council of Wavemeet page for a brief into to each character — Try to get them down in your mind for the Second Council of Wavemeet), with the exception of Dala and Rian, who were skipped over – though the rest of the council didn’t mind.

Dagult then continued into the past affairs with the Cult of the Dragon, and the issues they had encountered. Two years ago, the Chromatic War was fought, with the forces of Tiamat attempting to bring her from the Nine Hells back into the Prime Material plane by way of a ritual. The main component of this ritual was a hoard of treasure the likes of which that would suit a Dragon Goddess. This took the form of Skyreach Castle, a floating fortress that was loaded up with the continent’s stolen wealth. This castle was destroyed in the war, setting the cultists back a ways, and ruined many smaller nations now without their wealth. So too did adventurers destroy a dragon hatchery, preventing the mass spawning of even more chromatic dragons. The Harpers, Emerald Enclave, and Dagult and Lady Silverhand were all upset for a variety of reasons, while the Order of the Gauntlet, Rian, Connerad, Melandrach, and the rest were quite pleased with the destruction for one reason or another.

Dagult discusses the structure of the cult, with many smaller tiers of cultists, but the purple robed Wearers of Purple helm the cult, making decisions and direction forces. The leaders of the Wearers of Purple are the five Wyrmspeakers, one each for the colors of the chromatic spectrum of dragon. The leader of the whole cult is the one of the Red, but some information is known about the White Wyrmspeaker — a dwarf seeking out a very valuable relic.

Dagult turns the speech over to Dala Silmerhelve, the Lady wearing emerald, who explains the Draakhorn, and that is has the power to call dragons. When asked of where she gained such information, she could not divulge her secret. She also explained that no person would know more about the Draakhorn than Maccath the Crimson, a female tiefling sorceress belonging to the Arcane Brotherhood. Dala also comments that Maccath hasn’t been heard of for three years, yet the last known location was in the Sea of Moving Ice to the north.

The party asked a few questions, and decided to seek out more information on the Draakhorn first. Lady Silverhand, the sorceress of the council, provided Aur the Sending Spell, along with the sending glyph for herself, Taern Hornblade (the old wizard), as well as Remi Haventree (the Harper agent).

The group left, and made preparations for their departure. Branken ensuring that Skippy was set for a while longer, gathered a few gems, and checked his affairs in order. Cain impressed upon the smithy to speed along his sword crafting, and the entire party bought winter gear and crampons and climbing gear for their trek out.

Dala Silmerhelve was present at the docks the following day, providing more information about Maccath (see your personal notes). The broad notes of her information included the fact that Maccath hadn’t reported to the Hosttower for more than three years, that she and her crew went missing in the Sea of Moving Ice (she was accompanied by many explorers) that scrying wouldn’t reveal more information, and that a powerful white Dragon named Araunthator was known to live in the area. She pointed to boat the Frostskimmr and its captain Half-Face, so named for the frostbite that had left his face scarred.

The crewed boarded the ship, and made sail north, for nearly a week. Along the way encountering a pair of giant octopi, a platoon of smaller scaled creatures that never surfaced the water, a polar bear chasing a Ice Hunter, a Ice Hunter fishing party, and finally the Iceberg known to the Ice Hunters as Oyaviggaton.

Late at night, the party ascended the ice stairs of the iceberg, into the village of the Ice Hunters. Stopped by a pair of Hunters, the party’s interpreter Luefstaph helped carry their messages back and forth. The Hunters sent for their shaman Bonecarver, and their leader Barking Seal. From here, they asked the party in no uncertain terms to leave the iceberg, although the party insisted. The Hunter leaders knew nothing of a tiefling, but Bonecarver spun a wild story of the Old White Death meeting its demise at the hand of Ice Giants years ago (this turned out to be questionable, however). Agitated, Barking Seal seemed to be thinking quickly, coming up with a honorable duel versus one of the party against thier best warrior, Orcaheart. Brennok agreeing, the party made their way to outskirts, to where they would fight.

Cain, seeing suspicious activity of Hunters sneaking into the main tent, the fight began. Brennok overwhelming Orcaheart, even with illegal aid from Bonecarver (stopped by a clear vision of Aur), eventually triumphing. The party, now having won the respect of the Hunters, were allowed to stay in the village, provided rotten fish by Bonecarver, that poisoned or not, caused serious ill to Brennok in the morning, rendering him unconscious.

The party, with clever use of invisibility and misdirection, snuck back into the city unheard, diving down the ice tunnel entrance in the main tent, plunging into the dark below.


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