The Crimson Connection

Finding Maccath and Defeating Araunthator

Chimera’s bane, still invisible thanks to Aur’s magic, and the concentration of Cain, snuck deeper within the iceberg of Oyaviggaton in the Sea of Moving Ice. Their mission, to find more about the Draakhorn, and recover it if possible. The person who might know anything about it, Maccath the Crimson, was known to be in the Sea of Moving Ice three years ago, before she went silent.

Descending the icy stairs, the group, led by Branken and Brennok (as they alone could see in the darkness), they wandered into many rooms, perfectly stealthily.

The avoided a coughing ice hunter, kobolds, ice trolls, and more. Though the ice below them was slippery and there were many slopes and hills, their crampon boots served them well.

Two treasure / trophy rooms were discovered, the first with treasure that the Dragon Araunthator grew angry when Branken disturbed it, and another filled with nearly a dozen Giants, (8 frost, two fire, a hill and a cloud).

The party found a kobold warren, another exit to the tunnels, and very intelligent ice toads, who seemed very busy cataloging everything they could find.

Continuing further, they stumbled into a wandering Maccath, who they followed to her hut.

There Branken followed her inside, still invisible, as Maccath spoke to the darkness, asking if Branken was there to save her or kill her. Upon the agreement to save her and her things, the kobold assistants bolted off to warn their god Araunthator, while the lurking invisible party stuck them and the guarding ice troll down.

Maccath told the party quite a bit about the Draakhorn, its appearance, its function, and where it vanished off to. She provided knowledge on Araunthator, as well as some of the draconic lore. She gave them an understanding of the lower areas of the iceberg, and told them of the rather friendly ice toads. She then provided aid in the form of two Arrows of Dragon-slaying, a Ring of Cold Resistance, as well as ten ‘temporary’ scrolls they could use to fight the Old White Death.

The party, readying themselves after a bout with more ice trolls, were guided to the lower portion of Oyaviggaton.

There they descended into the darkness. Walking and spreading out somewhat, Araunthator eventually made his presence known, using to his advantage mutliple times throughout the fight the party’s desire to stay grouped near their paladin and only source of light.

The fight continued for almost 24 seconds, before the great hunter decided to make his hasty departure. Soon, the party found his guards were upon them, no less than 5 more ice trolls.

Emboldened from their won battle versus the great dragon, the party annihilated the tolls without much pause.

They spent a good two hours melting what small portion of the treasure from the walls and floors, leaving a sizable chunk remaining. Not wishing to push their luck however, the party made their way out of the iceberg, with ice toads and sorceress in tow. Kobolds flinging themselves in a suicidal fit of mourning as they saw their god defeated in a battle, quickly met their end to the party’s swords and magics.

The trip back to Wavemeet was overall uneventful. As the week at sea ended, the group stepped off the boat in the mid afternoon. With the evening to discuss their findings, introduce the right people, and gather information (we’ll do this together next time), the party agrees that the next three days are downtime (I’ll work with each of you this week to hash this out).


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