The Council and The Circus

A TON happened this run tonight.

Starting off from the short mini one-on-ones, Chimeras Bane continue to meet the first council. While Leosin is waiting to let the group chat with the the council, Brennok gets numb hands, Branken chats with Lords and Lady Norman, Semil, and Pharona, catching the view of one Rian Nightshade off in the corner. Nah’Krinn reminisces over his past with Leosin Erlanthar and how they first met, with Leosin breaking Nah’Krinn out of the cage, stunning enemies along the way for Nah’Krinn to finish off.

The rest of the party chills out in the waiting room where the nobles are all bickering and debating over things, even this late hour, which is odd for most other circumstances.

The party is eventually led to a smaller room by Leosin, with Rian following behind. Inside are 5 individuals, three at a twelve person table. In the center is Dagult Neverember, and to his aides wereRemallia Haventree and Lady Laureal Silverhand. In the back watching were two grey and blue robed clocked figures the Lord Neverember called Masked Lords.

Taking her seat next to Dagult, Rian Nightshade sat down. Introducing themselves, Remi as a Harper, Dagult and Lady Silverhand as members of the Lords’ Alliance, they said that they were waiting for the Guild of the Golden Order to arrive.

Once the goldenloins showed up, the meeting began. Dagult mentioned something about the rise of the Cult of the Dragon, the same cult responsible for the Chromatic War two years prior. With their potentially growing strength, a council was conceived and out into action byTyric Gho’dal, Sovereign Supreme of the western realm of Fae-Run. He turned the floor over to Lady Silverhand to see the honesty of the groups.

After confirming this, she let Remallia explain the nitty gritty. In short, the party needed to confirm the presence of assassins and cultists nearby the city, especially as a full council meeting would soon be happening. The Golden Order was in turn tasked with the protection of the incoming royals and members of various factions. The party was told contradicting stories of kill or taking alive, with Dagult providing the majority vote of kill – Remallia Haventree wanting there to be someone to interrogate, and Lady Silverhand very forceful in requiring death. The main objective was to gain information about the cultists activity, and to kill them all — and to ensure that none escaped. In the event of success, the party would go to a trusted farmer to disguise the bodies.

Agreeing upon this, the party made their way out to the shack. The party was introduced for the first time to the place, and all crashed for the night.

Day Two:

Waking up early the next day, everyone except Nah’Krinn (who slept on the floor) slipping out of bed and making their way to Brennok’s poor cooking and Branken’s acceptable food in the kitchen. Not much longer the party attempted to leave their basement, and Branken found that something was sitting atop the trapdoor. Skippy, eager to start his next day, jumped off to the side. A quick chat later left Skippy on a mission to deliver a note to Remallia Haventree to summon Alister, and the rest of the party (sans Nah’Krinn and Branken) making their way out of the gates to the north east, cutting through the Coins and the Eastgate districts. Nah’Krinn and Branken meanwhile were making their way to the White Swords in the Ivy District, to see what materials they could prep. Here Nah’Krinn supplied himself with a number of cantrips (Spare the Dying), for the upcoming adventure. Branken found his contract had been taken out by a party of three, two elven twins and a young man, all first time White Swords aspirants.

The party, regathering itself, stepped out of the massive and very well defended walls of Wavemeet for the very first time. The massive city suddenly having a much larger sense of scale and power seeing these walls and the strength of the guard around it. Ahead, they saw the well proclaimed Circus, and they went about their mission.

Aur took to the skies.

Cain took the the shadows of the circus.

Branken went to the housing and food areas of the circus.

Nah’Krinn and Brennok took to horseback to circle the circus, and then made their way alone into the forest.

After a time, Aur, Cain, and Branken were able to spot to varying degrees an individual in dark robes, a metal dragon pin, and wearing one of the Masquerade’s ridiculous looking dragon masks. This individual seemed to be on a mission, moving around the place with a set path, meeting various people along the way. Disappearing into the big top, followed by Cain, the mysterious entity made a round of the big top, nodding to two of what appeared to be agents. Branken, following him and his contacts, discovered a small box that was trapped. Inside was nothing of importance, suggesting perhaps that what was there might have been taken.

This group also saw many of the fantastic distractions and marvels of the circus, with Branken being taken into an oddities tent along with Dala Silmerhelve.

During this time, however, both Brennok and Nah’Krinn forged ahead to tackle the cultists alone. Brennok tripping a trap and becoming stuck in a wire chain cage, Nah’Krinn became besieged by three potent and capable assassins, dropping Nah’Krinn after a few rounds, but not before Nah’Krinn cast Hold Person on one and smite-d her to the ground.

Brennok, freeing himself while in a rage, went to his friend and provided aid, bringing Nah’Krinn back to his feet. Together, they managed to kill off one more assassin before the third escaped. Beyond a bit of gold, the found a note written in a thieve’s language. Nah’Krinn gathered the bodies together, and in the moment forgetting the plan, took the bodies into the city plain as day, interacted with the city guard, who took him to the royal guard.

From here, the bodies were taken elsewhere, while Nah’Krinn had a meeting with the sorceress Lady Laeral Silverhand where she asked about the encounter, took the piece of paper, and informed Nah’Krinn of what was a terrible foolish move on his and Brennok’s behalf. She then let him out to meet his party.

Scrambling to find where Nah’Krinn went, the party eventually found him in the castle. Deciding that they needed a small rest, they all went back to the shack for a rest. There they found Alister, having received Skippy’s note. Here he chatted with Branken to fix his ring, while downstairs Aur was investigating his note (and finding that it could speak back to him). Branken, now free from his ring in exchange of the debt Alister owed, the party took a rest. Brennok went looking for Ziza Raftmite, but found she was missing.

Upon rising again, the group performed a few more things in town before heading back to the circus. Here Brennok wrestled the dire bear Thorne for the Gnarrck Brothers (winning, of course), almost everyone came across the Caricaturist, and Brennok also got pulled aside to have a session with Oracle Calypso and her freaky, bug-eyed octopus.

Nah’Krinn and Brennok both met Thorne the gnarled looking animal handler, as they looked at the young Chimera in a cage. Thorne told them about the one he had to sell off (it was old, and the Masquerade needed the funds, and could no longer support the large diet of the large Chimera), and was disgusted to hear the story of how the party had killed the beast for show.

Though the party kept heavily armed (except the not-heavy arms of Aur, though Aur kept his "firearms’ loaded), and kept an eye out for more assassins, none could be found.

Retiring for the evening alongside the edges of the forest, all except Aur forgoing a night of sleep to keep an eye out, all noticed a man move a little ways from the circus, seemingly drop something, and then make his way back into the circus. Upon investigation, a symbol of a black inked dragon was inscribed on a parchment under a heavy rock.

The group, unsure what this could mean, finally made their way back into the city, noticing guards on edge, and fewer citizens making their way to the circus. Arrive one last time at the shack, the party again encountered Alister, who broke the news that the night previous there was an assassination of one of Wavemeet’s Masked Lords, the anonymous council members that govern the city. This lord, Arthagast Ulbrinter, was a mentor to Remi Haventree, the Harper ambassador to the council, and Alister warned the party that she may suggest irrational things during the meeting, and that they should try to help make rational those things she might suggest, but do not openly contradict her.

With this weight of failure on Chimera’s Banes’ shoulder, the party went back to sleep, recuperating from the night before, and with half a day to go before the full meeting of the Council of Wavemeet.


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