Pretension of Security

Split Party Woes and Misty Forest Recon

Returning from Grein Iron, the party almost immediately each went their separate ways back within the city of Wavemeet. From shopping to information deliverance, to meeting with benefactors of the Misty Forest.

Deciding together that the next step would be to liberate the Misty Forest, the party chatted with many people who might have a further clue as to the state of the forest. Meeting with Delaan Winterhound, they learned of a single city and the village elder that would be waiting for their appearance.

The forest had suffered much attack by a Green Dragon and its rider, although no attacks have been reported in nearly a month. Every city attacked now lies in ruins, without a single survivor.

It was at this point the party, either forgetting or displaying arrogance of power, began to stray from each others gaze and protection, opening themselves to the now established assassins that wait for them to do just that… -DM (mentally laughing to himself

Shortly after starting each of their own errands, Brennok retired to the Debt’s Respite Inn inside the Coins. Here he met an aging human man and an elven woman, both seeming merchant citizens of the city. This was quickly revealed to be a farce, however, as they attacked Brennok, quickly petrifying him, though not without much resistance.

Shortly before disappearing, Nah’Krinn appeared, ready to fight them off. Nearly destroyed himself, Nah’Krinn fought back the Elven woman to teleport off with Brennok, while the human man wiped NAh’Krinn’s memory of the situation.

Shortly thereafter, the man vanished as well, leaving NAh’Krinn enraged with the city guard.

Aur, scrying upon this man, found that he had been cornered with few resources left to him. He took his own life along with four guards near him.

They eventually had Alister peer out for the woman, who was in the hastily thrown together process of becoming a Lich. Such a process is usually done with extreme care, although she too seemed to be pressed for time for reasons unknown.

The group, fighting forward with Lady Silverhand and Alister in tow were able to rescue their friend, defeat the last of the Arcanum, discover that a butcher had hired the Arcanum to kill all but Aur, and then return to Wavemeet.

There, along with the help of Arthur the archpriest of Lathander, were able to carve out the phylactery of the elven woman and free Brennok of the evil within it.


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