Out of the Forest and into Thay

Third Council, and more Diplomacy

The party of Chimera’s Bane continued onward, working off of the advice of nature itself in tracking down a green dragon and its rider within the elven Misty Forest. Along their nearly 30 mile journey, the came across spiders, and fortuitously, a druid who tested their heroism. Upon realizing that these adventurers are good of heart, she provided them ea h a boon against the animal spies of the green dragon, who lairs near by.

Cutting through a massive nest of spiders, the party fell upon a waterfall and a pool of emerald hazed water. Working carefully, the party entered into a cave beyond, and attempted to fool the commoners-made-cultists on the inside. After killing tow and capturing two more, the party paladin went off on what some might call roid rage, while in fact he claimed to be holding fast to his own oaths of vengeance — these were cultists that attacked us, and should therefore suffer the judgement of the gods. After some inter-party conflict, it became clear that the noise they were making called forth the entire armed forces of the caverns beyond.

Fighting through, without taking too much damage, a group of ettins, many cultists, a wizard, a knight, and many commoners, the party eventually discovered that Chuth and the Green Wyrmspeaker Neronvain were missing. The green wyrmspeaker however was revealed to be the son of King Melendrach, a fact that Zaen took great efforts to conceal.

The party, claiming for their own the wealth of the destroyed elven cities, left the forest, running quickly back to the city of Altand, for fear of the wrath of Chuth and his allies.

During the night, after exhausting themselves with their march, they spent the majority of the night evacuating the city, which luckily they had prepared paths of escape were this to be necessary.

Nah’Krinn suffered a nightmare, caused by the powerful Chuth, threatening him and his allies until their dying days, forever to plague them and their missions.

In the morning the council and dragons responded by sending the intelligent Brass dragon Illuethra to meet them. He provided them information on Chuth, who is nearly as ancient as he, and a very dangerous foe. Such a foe as to use the rise of Tiamat to his advantage, and to be nowhere near the action if it were to go wrong. Illuethra advised the party to return to Wavemeet instead of waiting for an attack that may never come, as other more pressing matters have arisen. Illuethra agreed to stall Xonthal’s Tower and the dragon and cultists that reside there — keeping the Blue Dragon Mask within reach. He then sent the party off to Wavemeet.

Here the party began their third council meeting. They re-explained the issues of Neronvain to a shaken King Melendrach, who vowed to correct his shortsightedness for the future, as well as hashing out in clever detail the draconic fees. Both apologies were made to some degree, and the placement of dragons determined. Sony revealed that he possessed a singular weapon of great devastation, which would prove useful later in the fight, if it could be protected until then. A message was sent to Kong Ulvar Merzar about the potential of draconic aid.

The party learned of an Iskander, who resided at Xonthal’s Tower, and who was in possession of the Blue Dragon’s Mask. Upset with the cultists, he is willing to part with it if the party can arrive quick enouhg.

So too was the party notified of a potential tenuous alliance with the Red Wizards of Thay, with the arrival of an ambassador by the name Nyh Illmich.

After much conversation, the party hesitantly agreed to follow Nyh to the mesa of Thay by means of transportation. Here they were treated well, although the air of hostility was palpable. Two days were spent here, while the party was first questioned simply enough by the vampire lady, Tharchion of Laprendrar and Guardian of Nethwatch keep Esledra Yeth. From here, they party each felt thier dreams intruded upon, but only Branken suffered further, more invasive interrogation. Luckily however, this seemed to please Eseldra, who sent Nyh to continue to serve as the liason between the two major factions. “Negotiations” seemed effective. Both Rath Modar and Severin were of particular interest to Eseldra.

Brennok left to the White Swords, checking in on the Guild of the Golden Order and their mission to visit Allura Vysoren, an arcanist on the continent of Myryst to the east. Asking Abbadar, Brennok eventually was lead to meet with the Headmistress herself, who said very little other than that they were tackling great evil themselves.

At the same moment, Aur pulled Cain beneath the now rebuilt shop once belonging to Drenomere. Here, with the Harper’s permission, Aur allowed Cain to attempt and inter dimensional scrying, revealing his sister Daea to be somewhere on a celestial world, in the Outer Planes, communicating to a glowing entity.

The party returned, took care of re-equipping their gear, and then chatted quickly with party wizard Aur, who had a few things to share with the party.

In the end, each character found they had advanced in experience (level up)!


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