Metallic Dragons, Arise

Council with the Biggest Goods of the Realm

Starting from their run in with the run in with the Arcanum assassin, Petlannan Silentread and a contingent of clerics and paladins came to interrogate the adventurers, to ensure they are who they say they were. For the most parry, the party passed without incident, and were lead through a wave of angry citizens.

Insides the palace, shortly a meeting began. Notably, a new lady (Lady Elia), a new man (Sony Tark) were present, and Lord Dagult no longer sat at the head of the table, with the honor now upon Lady Silverhand.

The council chatted about raids in the Misty Forest (King Melandrach said no, while Delaan Winterhound said otherwise, Cain backing up the Emerald Enclavist’s statments). There are many raids on the towns of Faerun, including Citadel Abdar to the north, the Misty Forest, and Wavemeet.

There are assassinations within the council itself, causing concern. A Whitestone aid and a Mithral Hall aid were found dead, one having killed the other and then having committed suicide.

Varram the White has been helpful, providing aid on the five Wyrmspeakers, their location, the purpose of the Masks, and of course the Leader Severin Silrajin.

The Arcane Brotherhood have joined the cause, and Malfurb’s lore has revealed the likely location of Araunthator’s main lair.

A massive hoard is being heavily guarded by cultists as they move wealth from it to the Well of Dragons. Fast moving heroes might have a chance to reclaim the wealth for the nations.

Grein Iron and Citadel Abdar are under siege, and no supplies are making it to the citadel.

Elia then revels her true nature as a dragon, and asks for a delegation to speak with the Metallics.

Following the council, and many smaller discussions, the party fly off with Otaaryliakkarnos to the Nether Mountains. Along the way, the party encountered two adult dragons with red wizards mounted on them, a fight they were not ready for. Knowing time was of the essence Otaaryliakkarnos flew off at double pace, leaving the assailants far behind.

The group drew near to the mountain, took a rest, and then proceeded into the heart of the mountain, where five Ancient Metallic Dragons waited for them all. A Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze and Copper dragon all sat upon mounds of gold and treasure, as the meeting began.

Introduced was the Metallic Council, each with their wants and desires. In the end, the party conceded two apologizes (one from the dwarves for the dragonmoots and one from the elves for the dracorage mythal), in addition, the silver dragon requested the return of the scales of her niece, now in the form of a set of dwarven armor, handed to a dwarven lord of the Mithral Hall.

The Copper requested the return of an item, long ago stolen from her hoard, but in the end gave the item back to Aur.

The Brass requested the creation of a massive landmark to the dragons who aided. The Silver requested a MASSIVE temple dedicated to Bahamut.

Three shares of the hoard were also promised to the Metallic Council.

From here, the party rested, then returned to the now excited council members, basking in the short glory of having powerful new allies. All of course before seeing the price tag. A small town was liberated very quickly before the adventurer’s returned, however, with the aid of the Silver Dragon.

Lastly, before settling into the Mansion for the night, the adventurers 1) agreed to go to Grein Iron and help the dwarvern citadels, and 2) took out a doppelganger that was wandering the cities, masquerading as an assistant to the magic shop keeper Drenomere.


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