Capture of a Wyrmspeaker

And visiting the Tomb of Diderius

The group, finishing their chats with Lady Silverhand and Dagult Neverember, were made aware that two of the cults chieftest, Varram the White and Rezmir the Black were at large. Varram particular was search for a stolen artifact, the White Dragon Mask, a powerful and important relic for the ritual to summon Tiamat and the cults mission.

Varram was last known to be traveling to the northwest to the Serpent Hills, to Boareskyr Bridge, a small settlement in the area. Negotiating for horses – a limited resource within the city for the time being – the party set out.

Along their way they encountered lizard folk and undead, as well as some scouts. They eventually found themselves in Boareskyr Bridge, both a bridge and a tent city, over-watched by paladins from a theocracy nearby.

The townsfolk had heard of the dwarf indeed, as he became a sort of local legend to the people. Asking about, they pointed the group in the direction of The Tomb of Diderius.

Two days more travel and they arrived, seeing the used camp of the cult of the dragon. Making their way to the Tomb entrance, two guarding statues begged the question (wisdom or knowledge) to which the party replied.

Entering the beautiful Tomb, though it smelt of rot and decay, they bang their fight inward.

A series of arcane traps barred many of the ways, from insanity spells to tile chimeras to bound undead. Even a distraught ghost who provided some knowledge. Wrote being set free were here.

The party discovered the divination pool, a powerful natural location that Diderius used to show his immense power. In front of it a betrayed cultist.

Continuing forward, they came across the Tomb of Diderius, who acted kindly toward the adventurers who disturbed nothing they did not need to. The voice, rumbling from the earth, opened a secret door to the yuan-to enclave. Inside an infested enclave fought back at first, but quickly realized they did not possess the force to push back.

They offered Varram in exchange for the adventurers quick departure, claiming they
had to return Varrams soul first.

Not eager to start another fight, the adventurers agreed, soon receiving Varrams beaten and broken (yet still alive) form an hour later. Shortly after the departure of the yuan-ti, however, a figure standing in a broken tower made its presence known.

Standing high above the group, and barely speaking though his voice carrying was a man in deep crimson robes, skin a sickly grey, head shaved bald with black runes emblazoned in his skull. A red wizard looked down upon the group.

He called for their attention, as a individual he knew had mutual interest he hoped to share.

The wizard, mounting a horse, led the group to a tent in the wilderness, guarded by undead warriors and Devils. Inside, was a powerful entity called Lord Volmer. He asked that any red wizards that belong to the cult be made known to him, as well as Devils serving the cult. These defectors belong to and insurgent band within the Hells, which the devil king himself (Asmodeus) wishes to punish. The defecting wizards will be made known to the Lichlord Szass Tam, ruler of Thay. They all will be made examples of.

The party tentatively agreed.

Upon arriving back, the news of Varrams capture was taken well. The party began to unwind, but Aur learned of an individual seeking their attention. The party followed, being led into the forest, where they were assaulted by assassins from the Cult.

Surviving, many cultists fled.

The Shack upon returning, had signs of forced entry, with one of the wards having been triggered.

In two days, another Council will be held.


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