A Brief Reprieve

3 Days in Wavemeet

The morning after returning to Wavemeet, the adventurers each have business they take care of.

Aur: After meeting with the various people upon arriving back in Wavemeet, Aur retired back to the Shack. In the morning, he shipped out to Darmok’s, bumping into Branken as he purchased inscribing inks and reagents, reviewing Darmok’s book of magical goodies he has seen over the course of his many years as a dungeon planner and creator.

Aur shortly thereafter, dropping his items into his room at the shack, departed to the ascendant quarter to speak with the Harpers, seeing if anyone had ever seen his race before, to which Remallia had disappointing news in that she has not, and that Aarakocra are very rare in the Prime Material Plane.

A little disappointing, but leaving with a promise to expand the Harper network to search for his people, Aur bumped into Cain before he departed on his own strange and urgent mission. They traded to Aur 10 sq’ of dragon hide, which Aur took to a green tiefling in the Ivy district, commissioning black dragon hide armor for 500 gp, requiring 20 days to craft. His purse a tiny bit lighter, he spent the noon hours resting at the shack before returning to Darmok to re-read the book and take some notes. Making plans for the following day, Aur retired to sleep.

On his second day, Aur traveled about the city making many purchases, even visiting with Drenomere the newly establish magic dealer in the city. He also arcane locked all of the Shack’s windows.

The third day consisted of commissioning a iron helmet for 75gp, taking about 3 days to fully create. He also met with a very,very tired Alister, with bags under his eyes, asking about where to find magical recipes, and was told that the place the group was to go to next would have a few items “if he asked nicely”.

Branken: unlisted

Brennok: Took a mission from the White Swords, investigating a stalker for a fish monger. He however walked right in on a murder scene. Alerting the guards, Brennok went to ensure the gold reward was returned to Derrick the fishmonger for his funeral.

HE went to chat with Ziza, although the interaction seemed to go poorly, with Ziza calling Alister an ‘Ugly’ gnome, and that she wanted nothing to do with him or his guild. On mentioning the Greater Good, Brennok seemed to reach to Ziza’s sensibilities, although the mention of the Harpers again brought her fury to the forefront, and she stormed off.

Instead Brennok went off to the ivy district center and chatted to Connor, an eager adventurer, about life.

Cain: Cain left quickly from the party, disappearing after receiving a letter from Alister. Cain mentioned briefly something about his own issue, and made preparations to leave. He did not follow the party on their next mission, instead leaving town later that very same day.

Cain was present at the shack when the party returned, having waited in town for many days. He was however oddly missing from the fight that would later take place in the woods against the Cult.

Nah’Krinn: Polished his armor, bought room things, started setting up a forge.


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